Breast Cancer Awareness Month Featured Designer Interview: CancerApparel

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In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, we’re talking with Ann and Gloria, the designer duo behind the Zazzle stores CancerApparel and GiftsforAwareness about the inspiration behind their designs for a cause and how we can help out with cancer awareness.

Tell us about you! Where are you from/where do you live?


We are two enthusiastic design-driven sisters born and raised in Los Angeles who work as a team creating designs for our Zazzle stores.  We absolutely love designing, letting our creative juices flow, and making a difference in the causes that we endorse.

I Wear a Ribbon For The Hero in My Life Shirt

What are your backgrounds in art or design? How did you get started creating?   


We are both self-taught designers.  We began creating designs in 1996 when we developed web pages during the infancy of the internet.  Since then, we have been actively working on creating designs using various outlets.

Breast Cancer Rosie The Riveter Shirt

How did you get started with your Zazzle store? What inspired you to create cancer awareness designs? 


We needed a user-friendly online platform to create our line of designs on merchandise.  We were in search of a print-on-demand platform and found Zazzle to be one of the most intuitive websites that allowed us to be creative with the myriad of merchandise Zazzle has available.


We were inspired to start designing awareness ribbons when cancer hit one of us.  This was a life-changing event and we found that creating awareness ribbon designs and slogans was quite therapeutic and a worthwhile pastime while battling cancer, both as a fighter and caregiver.  We love to express ourselves in the designs that we create and seeing them put them into production on Zazzle merchandise and spotting our t-shirts at public events to support awareness is so rewarding.

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Where do you find inspiration for your designs? What keeps you going as Zazzle designers?  


The experience we underwent in the fight against cancer has been the biggest inspiration in our designs.  We find that our contributions in raising cancer awareness and bringing the lesser-known causes to the forefront keeps us inspired.  We also pride ourselves in creating a variety of awareness causes and we will keep pressing on and giving back.


As to what keeps us going as a Zazzle designers, we are continually motivated with the amazing products Zazzle has added in the last year or so.  We are thrilled to see so many unique products.


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What is your favorite Zazzle product to design?   


We love designing for t-shirts because tees will always be fashionable!  T-shirts are a blank canvas with endless possibilities so we enjoy coming up with design ideas and going through the thought process of “how will this design look on a t-shirt?”

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As October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, what are some of your favorite breast cancer awareness designs from your store for Zazzle customers to show their support?  

Some of our favorite Breast Cancer Awareness designs are those that family and friends can wear in support of their loved ones battling cancer.  Others are designs that focus on strength, perseverance and defiance against cancer.  (Ed. Note: They are sprinkled throughout this post!)



The Fight is On Against Breast Cancer Shirt




Besides showing their support for all those affected by cancer with one of the great designs from your store, do you have any other recommendations for those who want to help cancer awareness efforts?


We believe that donating your time can make a significant difference to those stricken by cancer. Consider volunteering at local cancer centers or hospitals.  You can make a tangible difference in enhancing the services of a cancer hospital by meeting, greeting and escorting cancer patients.  We also recommend teaming up with family and friends to get the word out by participating in the cancer awareness walks to fund raise for cancer research, which can be a rewarding experience for all involved.

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