Scare Up Some Last-Minute Halloween Thingamabobs

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We’ve all experienced it before: You jolt awake in a cold sweat, breathing like you’ve just been chased through the woods for miles by a knife-wielding Chucky doll.

Phew, you think to yourself, just a terrible nightmare.

After settling back in to bed, you jolt awake again, realizing that it’s no nightmare—it’s a reality. Halloween is lurking just around the corner and you STILL don’t have a costume, a reusable trick-or-treat bag or even so much as a pumpkin on your doorstep.

[Insert bloodcurdling scream here]

Calm down. Take a deep breath. You know it’ll haunt you through next Halloween if you don’t do something about this—so you better act fast. Lucky for you, we welcome procrastinators with open arms. We’ve even got a few ideas up our sleeve so you can save yourself some time. Check it.


Doesn’t it drive you batty when people don’t use reusable bags? Snag these whimsical totes so you can stock up when your coworkers bring all those goodies into the office. Better yet, order a few as gifts for those special trick-or-treaters in your life. You can never have too many reusable totes, and if you don’t have a Halloween one in your collection yet, now’s your chance!

Happy Halloween Bat Bag

Gimme Ghoulie Bag

And what’s a reusable tote without a little flair? Pick a pin that reflects your Halloween style.

Black With Silhouette Pinback Button

Kawaii Bat Pin

Spider Web Pin

No costume? No problem. These simple, clever T-shirt costumes will help carve out your reputation as a loveable trickster. They’re perfect for the boyfriend, husband or brother who’s “too cool” to wear a costume.

Jack O Lantern Silly Face Tees

My Last-Minute Halloween Costume T-Shirt

Error 404: Costume Not Found Tee

Or show off your inner villain with this tongue-in-cheek tee.

County Jail Inmate T-Shirt

For an edgy finishing touch, pair any costume tee with your choice of Eyepster shades.

Eyepster Party Shades

You can find even more simple, clever no-costume Halloween costumes ideas on our Pinterest board.

Of course, just because you’re a last-minute planner doesn’t mean you can’t be on the pulse of what’s trending now. You’ll be the talk of the party when you pay homage to Draven Rodrigues, the now-famous high school senior who took his yearbook photo against a brilliant-yet-creepy ‘80s-style laser beam backdrop … with his cat … Mr. Bigglesworth. Just snag a backdrop, cuddle up with your favorite pet and strike a pose—there’s nothing to it.

Laser Beam Backdrop Poster

Superheroes are always in style. But with so many superhero-themed TV shows premiering this fall, you’ll be a superhuman force to be reckoned with when you opt for a personalized cape. Trust us—it’s every kid’s (and grown-up’s) dream.

Everfan Cape


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