Featured Designer Interview: Nick Jackson

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 Today we’re chatting with another of our fantastic designers from the UK, Nick Jackson of nickjacksonphotography.

Tell us a bit about you!

I am an award winning Lancashire-born photographer based in London. I specialise in landscape and nature photography captured in my native UK and on my travels abroad.

I was very lucky to be born into a travel-loving family. From an early age, while my friends were heading to Nice, I ventured off to places like Nepal. I started using an old film camera to document the trips, but it wasn’t until a few years ago, when I invested in my first DSLR, that the bug hit hard and I went from taking pictures made for holiday albums to really trying to improve my skill as a photographer, and now to slowly building a career out of it.

Recently I have been published in travel, photography & wildlife magazines as well as national newspapers including The Daily & Sunday Telegraph, The Guardian, Lonely Planet and Countryfile magazines. I have also just finished a run of exhibitions in London galleries and art fairs.

Photography is everything to me. It’s my way of relaxing, of being creative, of challenging myself and of meeting interesting people. I’m happiest when I’m shooting and exhibiting photographs, and creating art & design from them.



What’s drawn you to photography and design? Did you study photography?

I have never studied photography and in fact I’m still learning a lot about the technical aspects, but I do believe that if you have a good eye then the rest will come with practice. Photography forces you to constantly look at your environment and to try to see things from a different perspective. Even the most photographed locations have a new side to them.

I visit a lot of exhibitions, never missing Wildlife Photographer of the Year at the Natural History Museum in London. While most people are looking only at the photos, I’m trying to absorb all the information that goes with them – where the image was shot, what technology was used, what the settings were.

Over the last few years I have set myself challenges, won competitions, written for magazines and newspapers, and exhibited my work. This has all made me try to improve every time I take
a photograph.

Photography allows me an escape from the busy city life and to that extent much of my work is taken late at night on the streets of London when there is hardly anyone around. I can produce images from a very different perspective to during the fast moving daytime.

Night Falls Over St. Paul’s Cathedral London Postcard

Designing Zazzle products using my photographs is a great way of showing my artwork to a new audience and using a different medium. If you asked me to make a cap, a necklace or a jigsaw I wouldn’t have a clue, but with Zazzle I can create exactly what I would like to see without having to know how to actually make it.

What is it you want to capture with your images? You have lots of designs of landscape – whether urban or rural – and animals. Are you a nature lover?

Although a lot of the work I exhibit in London is of urban cityscapes, my favourite subject is wildlife. I’ve been lucky enough to photograph endangered gorillas in Uganda, sharks in Fiji and cheetahs in South Africa.

Ugandan Mother and Baby Gorilla Mousepad


Sadly the wildlife trips can’t happen that often so I’m fortunate to have a vast array of photogenic locations in London, which allows me to build up my portfolio and hone my skills.

Plane over Battersea Power Station London Postcard

I also try to get out to new parts of Britain once a month and travel outside the UK as much as possible to keep the photos varied and challenging. I recently returned from Japan, which was a photographer’s dream, with beautiful temples, incredible landscapes and friendly people.

Japanese Geisha in Kyoto iPhone 5/5s Cover

What’s your favourite product to design?

I love the phone and iPad covers. My style of photography works really well with them and the finished products look.

Prowling Tiger iPhone Cover

The greeting cards are also great because I can add text on the back telling you a little about where I was. I think it personalizes the product a lot.

Sunset Behind the Eiffel Tower Paris Greeting Card

 Do you have a favourite design in your store?

I really enjoy the look of the laptop bags and designing those has been a lot of fun. As a cyclist I can definitely see myself commuting round town with one of these.

New York City from the top of Rockefeller Center Laptop Bag



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