Featured Designer Interview with UK Designer Nikki Ward

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Today we’re chatting with Nikki Ward, stationery designer from Zazzle store Knots & Kisses, about her art background and favorite design styles.

Hi Nikki! Tell us about yourself!

My name is Nikki Ward and I am the owner and designer of Knots & Kisses Stationery, living on the edge of Dartmoor in rural Devon in the UK. As well as designing stationery I am a vintage interiors obsessive and general magpie of anything shiny and eclectic, I love nothing better than spending weekends browsing local antiques shops, going on long country walks and cooking up feasts for visiting friends and family.

I also love to travel … I am lucky to have spent a large amount of time in Australia and Asia, as well as a memorable visit to Antarctica, and my travels often inspire my work.

Personalized Floral Tote Bag

How did you get into designing stationery? Was it something you always wanted to do?

I set up Knots & Kisses in 2009. I had spent most of my life working in Visual Merchandising in London and had had enough of the daily commute and being packed onto a train for an hour every morning!

I had always wanted to set up my own business doing something more creative, as I have a background and a degree in Illustration, and wedding stationery seemed the natural thing.
I had already made wedding stationery for my sister, a good friend and a couple of colleagues, and found I just loved everything about weddings and being involved in someone’s big day.

So after long chats with my other half we decided that I would give up work and give it my all.

Ombre Mint Floral Table Card

Where does the inspiration for your designs come from? Do you have a ‘trademark’ design?

All over the place! My other half and friends are very used to me suddenly coming up with an idea whilst we are out and about! Generally my inspiration comes from pieces of art, vintage interiors and fashion trends. I love all things floral so many of my ideas start with a piece of floral fabric or perhaps an item of vintage jewellery.

I love colour as well … I don’t think anyone could accuse me of designing ‘bland’ stationery… plain cream stationery is just so not me!

Personalised Floral Heart and Gingham Print Badge

What’s your favourite thing about designing wedding stationery?

It’s definitely the idea that you are involved in someone’s big day and that the invitations I design are essentially going to be the starting point to a guest’s idea of what the wedding is going to be like on the day. Stationery really sets the scene for what’s to come and just through its style communicate whether the wedding is going to be relaxed and rustic or elegant and glamorous!

Classic Birdcage Personlised Save the Date Card

What’s your favourite Zazzle product to design on, other than invitations?

As I mentioned I’m also obsessed with interiors so the opportunity that Zazzle has given me to work on cushions and accessories as well as stationery is fantastic! The cushions I’ve designed match my stationery designs and I love the idea that they would make a lovely anniversary gift with the couple’s name and date on.

Victorian Floral Pillow

Do you have a favourite design in your store?

I’m a fickle being and so with any artwork I produce it’s always the last thing I worked on which is my favourite design! Currently I’m a little bit in love with my Tuscany range … I love the calm vintage blue and green colours and how it evokes summers in Italy or Greece.

It also contains illustrations of my favourite flowers hydrangeas so definitely a current favourite!

Tuscany Mediterranean Style Save the Date Card


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  1. Always love reading these blogs! Would Love to read answers to more questions tho!
    Your shop is beautiful Nikki, I will check it out now!

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