Zazzle Gives Back for Thanksgiving

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Each year, we at Zazzle like to celebrate Thanksgiving by giving back to our community. Zazzlers at our headquarters in Redwood City, CA take part in a cutthroat friendly competition to see which team can collect the most food to be donated to the Ecumenical Hunger Program. The team that “wins” will be treated to an in-office breakfast, but the real winners are the amazing people at the Ecumenical Hunger Program who help bring food, clothing, furniture, and more to families in need in our community.

We’re proud to say that all Zazzlers made a great effort to contribute this year: we tripled the amount of food donated last year with a total of 3.89 tons (7770 pounds) of food!

tg all z logo

tg all wall

To give you an idea of just how seriously we take both our charity efforts and our in-office competitions, here is a behind the scenes look at the strategy used by our winning team.

How to go from this:

tg 1

To this:

tg 2

First, plan a team road trip…

tg 5 tg 4 tg 3

to Costco!

tg 7

Shop hard – it’s all about teamwork.

tg 9

Divide and conquer, and keep on shopping!

tg 11

tg 8

End up with six carts full of the heartiest food possible…

tg 12

tg 15

…and a lot of potatoes, just in time for Thanksgiving!

tg 16

Load it up into a trailer:

tg 17

Next stop – ZAZZLE!

tg 19

Whew! Finally, sit back and await your inevitable victory over your coworkers – and don’t forget to appreciate those warm and fuzzies from knowing that you’re helping out your neighbors. Way to go, team!

tg 20

We Zazzlers are thankful for a lot this year: all of our employees, Designers, Makers, customers – everyone who helps make Zazzle special. To all celebrating today, we’re wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving!

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