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At Zazzle, we pair the Dreamers with the Makers. The result? Products that are as unique as the people who order them.

We ship thousands of these unique products on a daily basis and often think to ourselves, “I wonder where this is going?” or, “I would love to see the person’s face as they open this gift!” and even, if we’re being totally honest here, sometimes, “What on Earth? There has to be an epic story behind this one.”

All of these wonderings inspired us to start the #zazzlemade campaign and your response has been tremendous! From messenger bags in Mississippi to pillows in Peru, we’re receiving stories from all over the world and absolutely love seeing where Zazzle products find their homes. We will be selecting some of these stories to share with you on a weekly basis and hope that you enjoy them as much as we do.


Rebecca Lawson

Makeup Artist and Mom


I am a flight attendant, but I am on maternity leave. I am very lucky that my job allows me two years off to be at home with my baby, which is the most enjoyable and rewarding thing I have ever been able to do in my whole life, but the flip side is that we have gone from a two income house to a one income house, and that does not come without it’s struggles.

I knew I had to do something to help with the finances, but that it needed to be flexible, profitable, and most of all enjoyable. I went to University to become a graphic designer, and have always been artistic, so I wanted to head back into a creative field again.

I found a Makeup artist who was willing to teach me privately the skills to do Special events and wedding makeup and began learning. At nights after bubba went to bed and during the day naps I buckled down, learning new skills and also revisiting old skills, such as designing my website, www.rebeccalawsonmakeup.com ,and new business cards, which I ordered from Zazzle as I was blown away by the very reasonable pricing for high quality product. The designs on Zazzle simply beat any competitor. I began expanding my prior knowledge of social media outlets, such as Instagram ( http://instagram.com/rebeccalawsonmakeup ) and Facebook ( https://www.facebook.com/rebeccalawsonmakeup ) but now in a business direction.  All this while baby slept.

Once all my foundations where set. I launched. It’s only been 1 month and already I have reached 70 followers on Instagram, 500 on facebook and have booked 4 weddings and a handful of other special occasion bookings, making a good little income on the side to relieve my husband with the pressure of being the main breadwinner.

I’m extremely surprised by the interest in this little business idea that was just a pipe dream 10 months ago. Rebecca Lawson Makeup Artistry now has the foundations of a permanent and lucrative business for me; not only that but its an outlet for my passion of being creative & also gives me such an amazing feeling when I know that I have made a woman feel so beautiful on the outside that she radiates joy and beauty from within.

Thank you, Rebecca, for sharing your story with us! We are so pleased to play a small part in your passion.

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