Pop-Culture Craze: The Hobbit, Sesame Street, Angry Birds

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We all know “that person” who is obsessed with the latest pop cultural phenomenon. Maybe your husband can’t stop quoting Gandalf and Gollum. Maybe your kid goes wild every time she sees Elmo. And Great Aunt Tilda? She’s just 50 points away from having a higher Angry Birds score than her arch nemesis Mildred and you’ll have to pry her phone away from her cold, dead hands. Or maybe “that person” is you. No worries—at Zazzle, you’re free to let your freak flag fly high. After all, we’re all about empowering our customers to express themselves however they choose. Which is why we’re sooooo excited to show off our lines of custom The Hobbit, Sesame Street and Angry Birds products.

What better way to show someone how well you know them than by selecting or creating a gift that speaks to the things they love the most?

The Hobbit

Chances are, if you love The Hobbit, you’re always up for an adventure. (And you’re impatiently counting down the days to December 17th, for the final installment The Battle of the Five Armies) You’ll never mistake your luggage for someone else’s with this telltale luggage tag.

Over the Mountains Luggage Tag

And these “precious” accessories and T-shirts are sure to spark a conversation (so what if it’s in Dwarven?).

Lonely Mountain Barely There iPhone 6 Case

Thorin and Company Hair T-Shirts

Middle Earth #2 Mousepad

If The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings lover in your life has a birthday or other milestone coming up, we’ve got everything you need for a Middle Earth-themed affair to remember.

Smaug Never Laugh at a Live Dragon Invitation

The Shire Postage Stamp

Frodo, Sam, and Gollum Napkins

Sesame Street


Sunny day … the best part of our Official Sesame Street Store is being able to shop by your favorite character.


From T-Shirts …

Unleash Your Inner Monster

and watches…

Bert and Ernie Pixel Art Watch

to pillows…

Abby Cadabby Round Pillow

office and phone accessories…

Bohemian Cookie Monster iPhone Case

Oscar Don’t Play by the Rules Mouse Pad

Snuffleupagus Mug

There’s something customizable for every Sesame Street lover in your life!

Angry Birds

It’s been called the most addictive game on the planet—and you’ll be addicted to our Official Angry Birds Store, where every purchase is a win.

Get your favorite Angry Birds enthusiast pumped for a day of destruction.

Slingshot Badge Mugs

Stella Fierce Friends Mug

Help them stay focused while at the office:

Triple Threat Blues Mouse Pad

Give them something to smile about as they shop or while they travel:

Matilda’s Neutral Face Front Tote Bag

And of course, outfit them with customizable gaming gear so they can sling in style:

Bird is the Word T-Shirt

Royal Fool Hoodie

We’re super excited to welcome these three brands to the Zazzle family—and there’s a whole lot more to explore in each Official Store!


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