Featured Product Design Tips: Incipio iPhone Cases

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We recently had a very special addition to our line of customizable phone cases – Zazzle is now the only place where you can design an Incipio Feather® Shine, Incipio Watson™ Wallet, or an Incipio ATLAS ID™ iPhone case! Here are some reasons why we love Incipio cases and why we think you will, too:

  1. Zazzle customers love shiny, sparkly, blinged-out designs. Before, you could only give your customers a design that imitated gold or silver. Now, you can create case designs with a true metallic sheen by designing for the Incipio Feather® Shine in gold, silver, and rose gold. We suggest:


  • Setting one of your colors to transparent so the metal shows through. Why publish a design with a gold print, when you can have the real thing?
  • Creating designs that fill only a portion of the design area.
  • Leveraging the designs you created for the Carved® iPhone cases – designs that allow the wood cases to show through will look great with metal!


  1. Zazzle’s Wallet iPhone case has been a big seller. Due to clear demand, we worked hard to launch an additional quality wallet case option. The Incipio Watson™ Wallet has a high-quality vegan leather exterior and an interior case that can be removed when only the phone is needed. We recommend:


  • Creating separate but complimentary designs for the exterior and interior cases. It’s an awesome opportunity to be clever! Use the “side by side” view when publishing.
  • Designing for the full exterior cover. This product offers you a uniquely large design area. Publish in the “folio open” view to show it off.




  1. Moms love Zazzle, and Zazzle loves moms. Many of our customers (dads too, of course) have small children and are looking for a case that will protect their phones from drops from a high chair or in the bath tub. The Incipio ATLAS ID™ is a rugged, waterproof, stylish solution. Try:


  • Creating designs for Mom. She may need a rugged phone, but she still loves a fun, pretty, or chic design!
  • Using bright colors – they really pop against these heavier, darker cases.

How will you make your designs shine on these unique cases?

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2 thoughts on “Featured Product Design Tips: Incipio iPhone Cases”

  1. i really like your products. they are great, creative and bring smile on the faces and of-course they are affordable. Cheers from hexder

  2. Love my iphone case. I am insulted by the discusting logo in pink plastic .5 x 2” on the front Ruini g my Wm Morris design. Will be teplacing it adsp. One star.

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