One on One With Nidhi Chanani of Everyday Love Art

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Today’s featured artist is Nidhi Chanani, owner of Everyday Love Art and Zazzle store NidhiArt. An illustrator and artist, Nidhi and her work have been featured on CNN’s Anderson Cooper 360, BBC Radio, and most recently, one of her pieces of art made a cameo in an episode of Modern Family. The Calcutta-born dreamer-turned-entrepreneur has been running her freelance art business for five years now, and she couldn’t be happier to be sharing her work with fans.

Nidhi, how did you find out your “Savannah” print was going to appear in the October 8 episode of “Modern Family”?

A fan noticed that the “Modern Family” Facebook page had posted a promo photo for that week’s episode that showed the print prominently. It was wonderful to have advance notice! I was able to share it with my audience and watch it live! It was very exciting.

Savannah Wrapped Canvas

Was it a surprise that they wanted to use the print on the show? Or had someone from the show seen it on Zazzle or your website and let you know they wanted to use it?

ABC had purchased the prints almost one and a half years ago! I had signed a release form allowing them to use it, so I knew it was possible. However I didn’t know when it would show up or if it would show up at all! Honestly, I had forgotten about it because it was so long ago!

The Makers Infant T-shirt

What drew you to Zazzle?

I was so impressed not only by they welcomed designers, but also their bonus structure. I’ve tried other POD (print on demand) sites since, and I’m not just flattering you—Zazzle is hands down the best deal for a designer or artist. Which is why I’ve stayed and will continue to sell more and more with you!

Blossoms Save the Date Announcement

Your children’s book “Misty: The Proud Cloud” was just published on November 18. In addition to your regular design work, what else are you working on?

Yes! I am so happy and proud of Misty. It was a wonderful project. I recently finished some Disney pieces that will be released through Disney at their Wonderground Gallery in Anaheim. I have also been working on my graphic novel, “Pashmina”, for about 2 years now and hope to finish it next year. I anticipate that it will be out sometime in 2016. It’s the project that takes most of my time these days. Writing and drawing a 160-page book is no small feat! It’s also my first graphic novel so there’s a lot to learn. I am super fortunate to work with a wonderful publishing company, First Second (Macmillan) and my editor Mark Siegel has been an amazing guide.


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