What’s Better Than a DIY Valentine? A ZIY Valentine!

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For those of us who are Pinterest addicts, there’s nothing like a good DIY project. Or is there?

The best part of a DIY gift is the personal touch that goes into it, especially when you’re helping make something memorable for you child’s classmates. But what to do when you’re low on time, patience, or glitter – or (heaven forbid!) all three? Valentine’s Day will be here before we know it, and we’re here to help you out with fun and easy ZIY (Zazzle It Yourself) Valentine ideas perfect for your kid’s class. Create a custom goodie on Zazzle for that personal touch – glitter optional!

One of our favorite ZIY Valentines for kids comes right from one of our very own Zazzlers. Here’s what she has to say about her great idea:

As the mom of 2 little girls, I wanted to find cute Valentines for them to pass out to their classmates and friends. We headed to the drugstore, where I remember going for Valentines as a child, but neither of the girls were super jazzed about the generic card packs there. We ran by a specialty paper store and *I* wasn’t super jazzed about paying the price for high-end (but very cute!) Valentines! 😉

Our solution: let the girls create their own Valentine on Zazzle!

We thought about making a folded card or a postcard, but realized that the Chubby Business Card size was just perfect for fitting in classroom Valentine bags or boxes. The bonus came when we discovered the “Extra-thick” card option so that the feel is substantial and the cards don’t bend easily (think triple thick cardstock weight).

Here’s how to do it:

You can start with the basic template for this cute card:

Custom Valentine for Kids With Word Search Business Card

I wanted to upload my daughter Emily’s photo from Instagram, so I clicked “Change” and was able to upload it directly from Instagram with Zazzle’s integrated tool!

I updated the “Child’s Name” box to read “-Emily” and left the “Happy Valentine’s Day!” message the same per the very specific instructions of my 4 year-old designer. There are many more ways to make this card perfect for your own particular little designer by clicking on the “Customize It” button; you can change the font and background colors, and even remove or replace other parts of the design.


The back of this adorable “chubby” card is the perfect place to tape a crayon for easy completion of the word search, or even a little Valentine’s Day treat.


And there you have it – Valentine ZIY accomplished!


With so many options to choose from on our site, you’re sure to find a customizable card that’s perfect for your little Valentine.

Blue Dinosaur Kids School Valentines Custom Invites

Dora the Explorer Be Mine Postcard

There are lots of other ways that you can ZIY this Valentine’s Day. Customize one of our perfectly-sized gift tags with your child’s name and a nice Valentine’s Day message and attach it to their favorite treat to share.

Hugs and Kisses Gift Tags

Happy Valentine’s Gift Tags

You can never go wrong with a sweet sticker on a small gift or snack.

Minnie Mouse Be My Valentine Stickers

Bee My Valentine Stickers


You can even create a custom treat that is sure to be a hit.

Cute Whale You Be Mine Valentine Premium Shortbread Cookies

Personalized Photo Heart Chocolate Covered Oreo Pop

Like it. Love it. Share it.

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