Introducing Fab Fabrics From Zazzle

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If you thought Zazzle couldn’t possibly find another way to take your DIY/Pinteresting/decorating obsessions to the next level, you thought wrong, friends. Soooo very wrong. We are tickled pink to introduce the latest addition to our product offerings: custom fabrics.

(We’ll wait here while you finish your happy dance.)

Whether you’re a hands-on fabric guru with a closet full of handmade goods or you just need to order up the perfect pattern for your latest home décor project, we are THRILLED to be able to offer 7 fabulous choices in fabric.

7 Custom Fabric Options (We’ve Got You Covered)

Fabric-Types-Marketing-Graphic-w1 (2)

Combed Cotton

This is THE go-to choice for sewing, craft, and art projects. The tight weave makes it durable, while natural fibers keep it lightweight and breathable. It’s a great choice for projects like pouches, pillows, doll clothes, plush toys, costumes—the list is endless. If you’re into quilting or appliqué, combed cotton might be just the option you’re looking for. It’s also ideal for clothing, primarily shirts, dresses and skirts.


Pima Cotton

Holy softness … this upgrade to our basic combed cotton option is durable but ultra-plush. It’s the perfect choice for items people will be sleeping on or wearing, like clothing, pillows, and bedding accents.


Cotton Twill

This sturdy, versatile fabric is made from natural cotton fibers and is a good choice for heavier apparel like pants, coats, jackets, and aprons. If you’re creating something that will get a lot of wear, like a bag, backpack or fabric belt, cotton twill is a durable fabric that will hold up well. It’s also a classic, sophisticated option for upholstery and home décor such as drapes, curtains, pillows, and table linens.


Polyester Poplin

Truth be told, the best part of this fabric option might be its name—it sounds like something Mary Poppins might use to make tote bags, backpacks, purses and pouches. This extremely wrinkle-resistant, durable fabric is also a supercalifragilistic option for upholstery, outdoor pillows and play mats.


Polyester Weave

This more delicate alternative to Poly Poplin would make a gorgeous table cloth, Christmas tree skirt, window dressing or throw pillow. The wrinkle-resistant fabric has a visible woven texture that gives it a linen or burlap look while retaining a softer poly feel.


Ivory Linen

What’s not to love about linen? It doesn’t pill or stretch, making it perfectly suited for upholstery. It’s a natural, breathable fiber that resists wear, dirt (pet owners and parents, take note) and static. It’s perfect for tea towels, table coverings, drapes and headboards.


Natural Linen

Similar to our Ivory Linen, our beautiful Natural Linen is made with traditional flax fibers, giving it a darker hue. If your style is more rustic than modern, then this is your fabric!


But people … there’s MORE. Not only can you now buy fabrics on Zazzle, you can also create and customize your fabric with our upgraded design tool. This tool allows designers and customers to create art that works well on fabric.


All of our custom fabrics can be purchased by the swatch, quarter, or the yard. The price per yard starts at $22.95.

How’s that for a happy Monday?

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5 thoughts on “Introducing Fab Fabrics From Zazzle”

  1. FABULOUS! Once again, Zazzle knocks it out of the park, with this newest addition to our customized product line. What’s next…customized couches?
    I’m lovin’ it!
    Add a designer touch to your home by sewing curtains with your customized fabric- Add a matching lamp and pillows- all available on Zazzle! YAY!

  2. This is wonderful! Glad to see Zazzle offering some
    creative products. I’ve always wanted to get into fabric design field, this may be the “push” I needed. Thanks!

  3. I AM THRILLED! I’ve already created a new webpage and blog article and am going to go back to adding more designs. Thanks Zazzle! Hopefully umbrellas will be next. Lol

  4. Hello there! I am SO EXCITED having read this post. What great news to learn that Zazzle will be printing original designs. I have used Zazzle for years and NEVER been disappointed with the turn around time or products. Everything is top drawer, so you can see I am gleefully looking forward to sending in some original fabric designs. I shared the news on just now and will be working to get the word out for you on Social Media. Great idea, Zazzle! Much Love, Fondly, Robin

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