8 Tips to Boost Your Pinterest Presence

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Pinterest is a platform designed for inspiration and discovery of images and products. It’s a great place to post your designs, but with over 70 million users, it’s challenging to get noticed. We’d like to share a few tips with you that might just do the trick to get your pins the attention they deserve.

#1 Do not use hashtags on Pinterest. There has not been any evidence that using hashtags boosts your pins, but leaving them off makes your pins more aesthetically pleasing. (Although you should use hashtags on Facebook which can impact your post positively and make it more searchable.)

#2 Create separate images for your Pinterest boards. Pinterest is all about beauty and inspiration, so creating content specifically for Pinterest is a must for many users to get likes and repins.


#3 Stay active. Pin at least 15 pins per day of your own pins, plus repin other people’s pins. Remember to spread out your pins during the day so you don’t overwhelm your followers with surfacing your pins all at the same time.

#4 Tell a story. Pin boards that have a theme with a variety of products and images from different websites perform better than boards with only your own content.

#5 Pin step-by-step instructional pins. Instructional pins perform very well, and if you don’t have your own, you can always repin someone else’s.


#6 Stick with images versus videos. This might change in the near future, but so far images seem to get more traction.

#7 Be a part of big group boards. Join a few large group boards and participate in them by pinning and repinning pins; this can help you grow your audience, get inspired, and stay motivated.


#8 Experiment with promoted pins. If you have a little bit of money to invest, test out promoted pins which could just get you the visibility you need.

Pinterest is not only a great platform to create fun content with your products, but users have seen a positive SEO impact when their pins are repinned many times. Don’t forget to add your associate ID to your Pinterest links so you can receive 15% per sale with the Zazzle associate program. (Pinterest does not allow link shorterners, so remember to use your full link when pinning.)

Remember to follow Zazzle on Pinterest and add the Pinterest widget to your blog or website so people can easily follow you.

Visit Zazzle ‘s profile on Pinterest.

Happy pinning!


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16 thoughts on “8 Tips to Boost Your Pinterest Presence”

  1. Thanks for the reminder and tips, Elizabeth! I’ve drifted away from Pinterest in recent months and probably should get back there and implement some of your suggestions. Removing hashtags might be first on my agenda. Repinning other users’ pins is something I’m sure I should be doing more of. Thanks, again!

  2. Very interesting article have read that adding hashtags are becoming more important on Pinterest? Been add one or two key words in the last couple of week and have seen a small increase repinning traffic. So now not so sure what to do for the best?

  3. Hey Elizabeth:

    Nice write-up; I’m one of the four males that use Pinterest for my Zazzle store and other businesses. My Pinterest account is listed as Vagabond’s Rose too: http://pinterest.com/VagabondsRose/

    Question: If I’m signed into my Zazzle account and I decide to Pin to my Pinterest accounts, do I have to manually add my Zazzle Associate ID every time? This seems odd to me that it wouldn’t be automatically added …and a pain. I’ve done this on Pinterest in the last year or two with mostly Superhero iPhone cases but have no referral fees. Actually, I believe I only have one in the entire time I’ve had my Zazzle store.

    Just my two cents…thanks for the hints,


    1. Hi John,

      Thank you for your comment. Actually there is a way to have your associate ID added automatically. If you are logged into your account on Zazzle, go to product that you would like to add to Zazzle, then use the “share” function on Zazzle instead of the Pinterest button in your browser, it should automatically add the associate ID to your link.

      Hope this helps!

      Elizabeth P.

  4. Great article, Elizabeth! I’ve gained over 2000 Pinterest followers in 2 years. Still trying different ways to increase sales. BTW, I’ve created a business branding collection for dentists in my store. Do you know of others who have had success with this concept?

  5. I didn’t realise that the use of the # was negative on Pinterest, that an interesting tip. What happens if Pinterest suddenly decide to include them in their search?

    1. Hi bigsands,

      Thank you for your question. If they do decide to add hashtags, I would recommend using them from that point on for your new pins and on any older pins you choose to repin.


  6. “Pin at least 15 pins per day of your own pins…”
    What does it mean to pin your own pins?

    “Join a few large group boards…”
    What, where, and how?

    Thanks for clarifications!

    1. Hi Digital Crafts,

      For pinning your own pins, it means using your images and not repinning other people’s pins.

      To join large group boards, you can look through a Pinterest group board directory like http://pingroupie.com/ and ask to join the groups that fit your interests.

      Hope this helps!
      Elizabeth P.

  7. Interesting article, Elizabeth. I’ve started pinning into Pinterest groups recently. I can’t tell if it’s helping or not, since website source information is not available for store owners, but I’m sure it can’t hurt. By the way, it’s not possible to put a referral ID on anything that gets pinned on Pinterest. Pins must be done directly from a Zazzle store page, which does not auto-insert a referral ID. And pinning a Zazzle product directly into a group on Pinterest by providing a URL, whether it contains referral info or not, does not work. (At least, it hasn’t worked for me, and I’ve tried all sorts of variations.)

    1. Hi Debi! I’ve had success by ‘clicking’ the share button, then ‘clicking’ the pin button. It includes you ID number that way. Of course, you have to be signed in first. I’m not making near as many sale as I’d like to, but I’m always looking for more and better ways to promote. Good luck.

      1. I stand corrected. 🙂 It does indeed look like my ref number gets added if I pin from Zazzle. I don’t know why it wasn’t apparent before, since I’ve checked several times. Perhaps either I was doing something wrong or Pinterest wasn’t showing it to me. 😛

    2. Hi Debi,

      Thank you for your comment.

      You should be able to add your ID to the pin after it is on Pinterest. You can click on your pin, then click “edit” and then add “?rf=238xxxxxxxxxxxx” to the end of the link in the “source” section.

      Hope this helps.

      Elizabeth P.

  8. Hash tags are useful where you have your account set up to automatically copy your pins to the likes of twitter – It has little use within Pinterest itself, but we have found it useful once the copied item gets sent around the net to Twitter / Tumblr / Flickr etc

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