10 Tips for Video Posts

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Creating and sharing videos is becoming a key part of social media because videos are a great way to capture your audience and show off your products. Let’s take a look at the main attributes that make a successful and captivating video.

#1 Keep your videos short. Create videos that are approximately one minute long for social media.

#2 Be able to tell a story with no sound. Make sure your audience can tell what your video is about with its frames rather than words.

#3 Use graphic overlays to summarize the video. It’s helpful to have something your audience can read to outline the information.


#4 Choose a compelling still (your video’s preview image.) There is a lot of other content out there, so you have to capture your audience’s curiosity with just one still, so make it count.

#5 Optimize for mobile. Encode your videos for mobile devices which is where a lot of your audience is browsing your content. Learn more here.

#6 Use Facebook as an outlet! Posting your video on Facebook is the best way to get views (at least on sponsored videos) because Facebook gets 1 billion views daily. (Don’t forget to use hashtags.)


#7 Test different ways of posting. Test embedding videos directly into Facebook versus sharing them as a link on Facebook to see which post gets more views. This way you’ll know which one works best for you in the future.

#8 Share viral and high view and high engagement videos. Sharing popular videos is a good way to engage and get new viewers.

#9 Optimize your videos for YouTube. Write detailed and comprehensive metadata following keyword and formatting strategies for your video. Learn more here.


#10 Have fun with it! Have fun with creating your videos and make it more about a story than a product to keep your audience glued to their screens.

Not only can videos in your blog content mean potentially better Google ranking, but Facebook’s algorithm looks at the time spent on a website after someone clicks on a piece of content (direct link, image, video etc.). The more time that’s spent on the site from the click, the more distribution that piece of content will get, and videos are the best way to do that.

Happy film-making!

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2 thoughts on “10 Tips for Video Posts”

  1. I am so glad i ran into this blog. I learned a couple of insights i didn’t even consider doing. Embedding vs video link sharing. It makes sense. And having fun. I need to have more of it on social media. Even if it is about business. Thank you for this entry. Great subject. And well written. I wish you the best. Thank you Elizabeth.

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