#Zazzlemade Moment: Half Marathon

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At Zazzle, we pair the Dreamers with the Makers. The result? Products that are as unique as the people who order them.

We ship thousands of these unique products on a daily basis and often think to ourselves, “I wonder where this is going?” or, “I would love to see the person’s face as they open this gift!” and even, if we’re being totally honest here, sometimes, “What on Earth? There has to be an epic story behind this one.”

All of these wonderings inspired us to start the #zazzlemade campaign and your response has been tremendous! From messenger bags in Mississippi to pillows in Peru, we’re receiving stories from all over the world and absolutely love seeing where Zazzle products find their homes. We will be selecting some of these stories to share with you on a weekly basis and hope that you enjoy them as much as we do.

Today’s #Zazzlemade Moment comes from Christina:

#zazzlemade Moment

Last August, I ran my very first half marathon with Team Muscle Makers for UCMD at Disneyland. Having never run a long distance race before I thought I was prepared. I was definitely not. About mile 7, I saw a man a good distance in front of me with this message on his shirt. “There will be days I can’t run a half marathon but I’ll have a lifetime of memories knowing I did.” He was walking and all I could do was think about wanting to sit down. I decided at that moment that if he could do it so could I! It took me until mile 9 to catch up to him. When I finally did, I said a quick thank you and kept moving forward. I finished that race despite my overwhelming desire to quit because I kept repeating that in my head. I had already signed up for the Inaugural Avengers Half Marathon with Team Muscle Makers and knew I had to put that saying on the back of my shirt.

#zazzlemade Moment

If I could inspire one person the way it inspired me it would be worth it. I ordered it with Captain America on the front and the saying on the back. Fast forward to yesterday, I completed that race too and along the way I met Ramiro, the man who inspired my shirt! He was ahead of me again!! We stayed together for a couple miles before I went on my way after thanking him yet again! A huge thank you to Ramiro for getting me through my first race and all my Team Muscle Makers teammates for being a huge inspiration as well!!

Thanks for sharing your story, Christina! What’s your #zazzlemade moment?

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