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Get social with Zazzle!

We have such fun seeing the posts that Zazzle Designers make on Social and often pick our favorites to re-post on the official Zazzle social channels! If we don’t see ‘em, we can’t re-post ‘em, so be sure to tag @zazzle in your photos.

We’d love to follow you, so please take a minute to fill out this form and include as many of your social handles as you’d like to provide.  Also, if you see your design featured in one of our Social posts, feel free to drop us a quick email at and include your handle(s) so that we can update the post with an @ mention. We can’t promise to tag every Designer in every post, but we’ll sure do our best to try! We’d love for fans of ours to become fans of yours…there’s plenty of love to go around!

For the latest and greatest Zazzle happenings, follow @zazzle on any of these channels (click any image to visit our page):


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Staying connected is important since there are always new and exciting things happening on all of our social media channels like fun contestsgiveawaysand feature opportunities. 



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14 thoughts on “Join the Zazzle Social Media List”

  1. I have been on Zazzle for about 6 years and worked so many hours I can’t count them all. So far I’ve sold 192 items, I have over 99,000 link referrals, but I’ve only earned $631.45. If you can help me sell more, I’d absolutely love that! Below you will find my social media that I use for Zazzle marketing. Any advice would be appreciated.

  2. Thanks for the opportunity Elizabeth.
    You will find a huge number of posts featuring my best Zazzle wares!

    I’m a children’s book illustrator and author and I sell my artwork here in various stores. I feature those gifts and products on my very popular G+ page and profile, my blogs and importantly Pinterest. I create staged product images and animated gifs, which can be very popular.
    StrangeStore on Zazzle
    StrangeStore Blog
    StrangeStore G+ page
    StrangeStore on Pinterest

    I have two popular kid’s truck themed stores which feature the big tractors, diggers and trucks from my children’s books.
    TruckStore on Zazzle
    Truck Birthday Party on Zazzle
    TruckStore Blog
    Truck Birthday Party
    TruckStore on Pinterest
    Truck Birthday Party on Pinterest

    A whole store full of patterns.
    PatternStore on Zazzle
    PatternStore on Pinterest

    Even our dog, Murphy has a store and a very popular pinterest board!
    LurcherStore on Zazzle
    Lurchers on Pinterest

    But I mustn’t forget to mention the crossest Zazzle store of all…
    CrossCat on Zazzle
    CrossCat website
    CrossCat on Pinterest

    I share these on my Paul Stickland G+ profile where I have 27,000 followers.
    Tweeted as @NaughtyDinosaur

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