#ShowUsYourHeart This Random Act of Kindness Day

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We think every day should be Random Acts of Kindness Day, but since the official holiday is today, we thought we’d share our newest collaboration with you. We’re proud of all our Maker relationships, but we’re particularly excited to introduce Zazzle HEART, a very special partnership with the nonprofit organization called LIFE Line.

Zazzle HEART Message Bracelet


LIFE Line started in 2008 with a small group of mothers in Kenya who were shunned by their society because they had children with special needs. It may be hard to believe, but certain cultural traditions believe that handicaps are a shameful curse and reason enough to ostracize a child and their family.


But a simple, random act of kindness helped transform these women’s lives. An organization called Comfort the Children (CTC), taught these Malaika Mums to sew, empowering them to earn an income for their families and help send their children to school. The creation of a canvas tote bag gave hope to an entire community.

Creativity Takes Courage Zazzle HEART Tote Bag

Since then, LIFE Line has grown to employ more than 400 women in communities across the Rift Valley in Kenya. The organization offers women earn competitive wages so they can provide for their families.


The custom gray and white plaid fabric is a unique collaboration between LIFE Line and Zazzle. Members of our team were lucky enough to travel to Kenya to meet the Malaika Mums in person. They worked with them to truly understand their craft and their passion. The traditional Maasai pattern is a result of that collaboration—and it can only be found here on Zazzle.

Modern Heart Zazzle HEART Apron


We encourage you to make it a point to find some small way to pay it forward today, whether it’s paying for the person behind you in line, adopting an animal in need or purchasing one of our new Zazzle HEART products. Each product is handmade in Kenya and product sales directly benefit the Malaika Mums.


All of the products below are made from traditional Kenya Maasai Shuka fabric and East African cotton. They’re produced at LIFE Line’s Happy Factory in Maai Mahiu by Malaika Mums.

Zazzle Heart Bag


Zazzle Heart Scarf

Zazzle Heart Coin Purse

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