Happy Year of the Sheep!

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According to the Chinese zodiac, today marks the first day of the lunar year. The horse is out, and the sheep—or goat or ram, depending on who you ask—is in. In Mandarin, there’s no distinction between the three animals. “Yang”, which means horned animal, covers all three. This has led to a lot of debate over just what animal will stake its claim to 2015. At Zazzle, we love all horned animals equally, so whether you’re a fan of goats, sheep or rams, you’re sure to find something you love to help commemorate The Year of The Horned Animal You Like Best. And in honor of the Chinese New Year, we’re offering 20% off your entire purchase now through February 21! Just use the promo code YEAROFZSHEEP at checkout. We’d say that’s not too baaaaad.

Choose Your Allegiance:

Team Sheep

Year of the Sheep Postage Stamps

Year of the Sheep Christmas Ornament

Year of the Sheep Shortbread Cookie

Year of the Sheep Baby Bib


Team Goat

2015 Chinese New Year Goat Coffee Mug

2015 Chinese New Year Goat and Tree

2015 Goat Year Favor Box

2015 Year of the Goat Bottle Opener


Team Ram

Born in Ram Year I’m Not a Sheep Shirt

Golden Ram Chinese New Year Magnet

Born in the Year of the Ram Mug

Custom Name Chinese Year of the Ram Mouse Pad




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