3 Options for Customizable Zazzle Designs

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Our favorite part of being a customization-friendly platform is seeing all of the creative ways that our Designers and customers make Zazzle products their own. If you’re a Zazzle Designer, you can help keep that creativity alive with the various options Zazzle offers for setting up customizable designs. Check out these three ideas for designing a Zazzle product that’s the perfect personalized fit for both you and your customers.

1. Customize It button

The “Customize it” button is the easiest way to let your audience put their own personal touches on your design. Clicking on the “Customize it” brings a customer to our design tool options, where they will be able to edit, add, or remove text or image objects in your design.

prodpage customize it button

Once you have your product designed just how you’d like it, you can enable this setting on the “Post for Sale” page under “Additional Information”:


2. Editable design templates

If your designs are made solely to be personalized, you can help your customers out by skipping the “Customize It” button step and allowing them to edit your template fields right on the product page.

To set up a text or image object as a template while creating a product, select your object and click on the gear icon. Here you can check “Make this a template object” and “Allow editing on product page”.


On your Post for Sale page, you can then choose “No” for “Show Customize It button”. When a customer navigates to your product’s page, they will immediately see fields appearing on the right where they can fill in their own information or easily swap in their own photo in the template fields you have set up for them. If they do want to make more tweaks or additions to the design, they can still click on “Customize it!” at the bottom of this section.

personalize it

3. Locking select objects

While letting our customers make something their own is one of the key features of Zazzle, sometimes there may be elements of your designs that you want to make sure stay just how you want them. You might have layers of different design elements making up your background that need to stay in perfect alignment to turn out just right, or you might want to leave your mark on the final product with a small byline for your Zazzle store. For objects in your design such as these, you can again select them and click on the gear icon and select “Lock object(s)”.


You will then see a small lock icon appearing next to the name of that object, which will also appear on your public product page. Locked elements cannot be moved or deleted from the design by a customer, so make sure to use this feature wisely!

There are many different ways that you can use these various customization features to your advantage. You might like the hassle-free freedom of the Customize It button, or you might like the fine-tuned control of setting up template objects and picking and choosing any which you might wish to lock. Try out a few different combinations to see what works for you!

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  1. Thank you for this info! Although I have someone helping with the techie side of things while I remain the visionary and creator, I like to understand what is or is not available when I think of something I want to create. Some of our product ideas we are hoping will be purchased by people to use as promo gifts and wanted them to be able to put there own name and phone number or url

  2. Should step 2 “editable design templates” work when using quick create? as i am struggling to make it work for me.

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