Video: Maker Moment: Chocomize

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Chocomize empowers customers to create chocolate bars no matter how unusual. Make a candy bar that you won’t find in any store or create one as a gift for that special someone. With toppings ranging from the usual nuts and fruits to the not-so-common 23 karat gold flakes, bacon, and even violet petals, your customized chocolate is sure to leave a memorable impression. Made with the finest Belgian chocolate, each bar is handcrafted by our expert chocolatiers. ‘Chocomizing’ is all about chocolate that is different and unique – create your unique chocolate on Zazzle!

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2 thoughts on “Video: Maker Moment: Chocomize”

  1. Chocomize chocolate bars are amazing & super fun to make. I highly recommend them, particularly to those who also have a taste for experimentation. Pop Rocks & chili pepper, anyone??? Delicious!

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