#Zazzle Moment: Followed by an Owl

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At Zazzle, we pair the Dreamers with the Makers. The result? Products that are as unique as the people who order them.

We ship thousands of these unique products on a daily basis and often think to ourselves, “I wonder where this is going?” or, “I would love to see the person’s face as they open this gift!” and even, if we’re being totally honest here, sometimes, “What on Earth? There has to be an epic story behind this one.”

All of these wonderings inspired us to seek out the stories behind these products. From messenger bags in Mississippi to pillows in Peru, we’re receiving stories from all over the world and absolutely love seeing where Zazzle products find their homes. We will be selecting some of these stories to share with you on a weekly basis and hope that you enjoy them as much as we do.

The story behind this goes back over 40 years!

This work was originally created by my sister, Diane, as a holiday gift for our mom as one of her art class assignments.

#zazzlemade Moment

There was an owl that we used to hear in our backyard that inspired Diane. My mom had the work for over 40 years as it followed her from her home in Willoughby, Ohio to her vacation home in Big Pine Key, Florida. Mom moved the owl art up to Orlando, Florida and finally to Brooksville, Florida. Then, a couple of years ago, when my other sister, Lily, moved mom back up to Novelty, Ohio, the work moved in one of two pods. It was in Novelty, Ohio, that my sister reclaimed her owl art and took it to Westerville, Ohio so that she could enjoy it. We opted to reproduce the work exclusively on Zazzle so that mom could enjoy the work in her last years. Zazzle also has made it possible that the rest of our family can experience Diane’s owl art.

Julie Brady

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  1. Thanks so much for the blog post on the owl art from my JaguarJulieDesigns zazzle shop. I love the photo you used of the wrapped canvas. This is undoubtedly my favorite zazzle art!

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