America’s Original Doll Is Still Rockin’ at 56

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She may not look a day over 25, but Barbie turns 56 today. What’s her secret? We suspect that something magic happens when a child opens up that pristine pink packaging, but Barbie’s ever-present grin seems to say that she’s not telling.

If you take a close look at her life, it seems this American icon has had an accomplished history. Either that or she’s had her fair share of mid-life crises. She’s tried her hand at more than 130 careers including pilot, pop star, doctor and President of the United States. She even traded in her hunky main squeeze Ken after 43 perfectly airbrushed years for a hunky Australian surfer named Blaine, only to reunite with Ken a few years later. And who can keep track of all the cars she’s owned? One thing’s for sure. At 56, Barbie shows no signs of slowing down, proving that age is just a number—and she’s still the original.

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