Zazzle Fabric Is Fantastic

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Creating fabric designs on Zazzle is easy and amazing.  We’ve hemmed and hawed for this post, but we’ve got the top five reasons why designers are jumping for joy for new fabric.


1. Templates for customers

Zazzle has amazing tools for customers that make it easy for them to add a monogram, name or a photo.  Customers can start a design from scratch or simply purchase a design with a personalized touch.  Our sophisticated design tools allow for easy personalization.  Not every customer has the time or ability to design from scratch – so Zazzle’s template offerings make it easy to add photos or text.  Many of our most popular designs are templates that combine your amazing designs with personal touches from the customer.


2. Print quality

Zazzle’s print quality is unmatched.  Dyeing on our watch means print on demand, and everything is fully customizable to your liking. Our colorfast eco-friendly pigment inks yield brighter and more vibrant color that can withstand washing. All of our fabrics (except linen) are machine-washable. They’re also available by the yard or as fat quarters. Our 7 options of fabric will allow you to take on any DIY project- from quilting, apparel, to upholstery and more!


3. No fees!

Zazzle is a free platform so there is no listing fee to create and sell a design for fabric.  Other companies might require upfront fees, but Zazzle does not.  Getting started on Zazzle is easy.  You simply create an account, select product, and customize an existing template or upload a new image.


4. Set your own royalty rate

Zazzle designers are paid a percentage of each sale – and each designer can set that percentage.  Designers have total control over the royalty rates, and setting a rate for one product will also transfer the rate to the other products as well. Sew sit back, and design away after setting your royalty!


5. Zazzle Black

Shipping costs for fabric might add up – especially if it seams you’ll plan to order a lot.  Zazzle Black costs $9.95 for a full year and provides for no-cost standard shipping. Enjoy special discounts and early access to sales with a Zazzle Black membership!


Ready to start creating your own custom fabric? Take a peek at our handy tutorial:

That’s a wrap! We hope we’ve left you in stitches and you’re bolting on over to design your own fabric!


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6 thoughts on “Zazzle Fabric Is Fantastic”

  1. This is so great! I didn’t even know that Zazzle was offering fabric design now. I am definitely going to try it!

  2. I attempted to use a few years ago but discovered that it was way above my level of experience. Then I lost my vision and had eye surgery to correct my vision loss. It would be awesome to return to Zazzle again! Love the new opportunities and the fact that you don’t need to be a rocket scientist to create beautiful products online at!

  3. Do you send fabric samples. My daughter wants doggy curtains. But, I would like to see a small sample of fabric before I buy.

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