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In our efforts to make sure that all of our valued designers and associates receive their full Zazzle earnings, we have made some small but very important updates to our Payment Settings page. We need your help to fully complete this information as soon as possible to ensure you receive your upcoming payments as scheduled.

We ask all designers and associates whose earnings are reported to the IRS (US designer/associates) to please complete this new section by March 30, 2015 to ensure there is no delay with your April 15th Payment. International designers/associates who have already properly submitted a W-8 BEN form do not need to take any action.

What’s New

We’ve updated the Tax Information section of our Payment Settings page to more clearly define your personal information and your tax information for Zazzle earnings. You can easily find this page by clicking on the “Earnings” tab in your Zazzle account, and then clicking on “Payment Settings” from the left-hand menu under Payments.

Names: There are now two (potentially different) names that we need, relating to your payments: Your Payee Name, and your Legal Name.

  • Payee Name: For the Payee Name field under the Payee Information section, you should enter the name that matches your PayPal account, if paid by PayPal, or the name to which you would like your check made out, if paid by check.


  • Legal Name: If you are entering your tax information as an individual, you should fill in “Legal Name” with the exact name on your Social Security Card, and use your Social Security number for your tax ID. If you are entering your tax information as any other type of entity, please provide the exact Legal Name and Tax ID information you provided in your Application for Employer Identification Number (Form SS-4). For security purposes, we only show the last 4 digits of the tax ID. We suggest that you re-type the full 9 digits of your tax ID in case your tax ID has had a typo previously. What you enter for Legal Name and what you enter for Tax ID MUST match exactly what the IRS has on file for tax purposes.


You will not receive payment unless your Legal Name and the tax ID information completely matches what the IRS has on file.

What you should do:

  1. Fill it out now! The Legal Name field under the Tax Information section is a brand new section of our Payment Settings page, so it is currently blank if you have not yet logged in to your Zazzle account and made updates. All of our Zazzle designers and associates will need to log in to their Payment Settings page and fill in this new tax information section. Please complete this section by March 30th, 2015 to ensure there is no delay with your April 15th
  2. Double check your information. Now is the perfect time to double check your tax information, even if you believe it is already correct, to make sure there are no typos or mismatched information.
  3. If needed, verify with the IRS. If you are not sure of the exact Legal Name and tax ID number you should be entering, please call the IRS Business and Specialty Tax line at 1-800-829-4933.


How to properly complete this improved Payment Settings page

Under the Payee Information section:

Payee name: Enter your full name

Under the Tax Information section:

If you are registering your Zazzle account as an individual for payment and tax purposes, fill out this section with the following information:

Legal Name: Your full legal name as it appears on your Social Security Card

Select: “I am registering this account as an individual”

Social Security Number: Enter the complete Social Security number as found on your Social Security card

If you are a US resident registering as any other type of entity, fill out this section with the following information:

Legal Name: The exact name of the entity (such as a business name) which you have registered with the IRS

Select: “I reside in the United States, and am registering this account as a corporation, sole proprietor, partnership, non-incorporated non-profit organization, non-profit, or other company type. This entity is formally incorporated and checks are payable to the corporate entity.”

Federal Tax ID or Social Security #: Enter the complete tax ID or Social Security number as registered exactly with the IRS under the name you have entered for Legal Name


Most common errors

  1. Maiden name vs. married name. If you have recently changed your last name, most usually as a result of marriage (congratulations!), this may cause a mismatch in your Zazzle information. For example, if you have updated your name in Zazzle to reflect your new married name “Jane Johnson,” but your Social Security Number is still registered under your maiden name of “Jane Smith,” your tax information in Zazzle will not match and we will not be able to submit payment to you.
  2. Legal Name. If registering as an individual, you should ensure that the name you enter for “Legal Name” matches the name on your Social Security card. For example, if your Social Security number is registered under Jonathan Doe, entering “Jon Doe” in this field will be seen as incorrect.
  3. Business information vs. personal information. If you operate your Zazzle store as a business and are also using your personal information for your Zazzle payments, this can cause an error in our payment information as well. If you enter your personal name as your Legal Name, and then enter the tax ID number for your business, this information will not match. Alternatively, if you enter your business name as your Legal Name but enter your personal Social Security number for your tax ID, this will also be a mismatch that will prevent payment.
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28 thoughts on “Our Updated Payment Settings Page”

  1. Hello Liz-
    What is the best date (time of month) for me to change my account settings- from receiving a check to Paypal, so my next months payment will not be held back/uninterrupted?
    Thank you so much for a reply. 🙂
    ~Virginia (The Hungarican Princess)

  2. Hi Liz, I assume I don’t have to change or add anything in my payments settings because I’m Canadian…is that correct? Thanks!

  3. thanks for this update. my previous address was stored in the “Payment Settings” area and your email helped me to realize that I NEEDED to change that. Have a great day!

  4. Hi Liz, When I put my ss number the whole number shows. I really don’t like that at all.I do have a tax ID that I have had for years do you think it is still good? I just don’t want anyone getting my ss number.

    1. Your Social Security number or tax ID is only visible as you type it in – as soon as you save it you will see that the beginning of the number will change to XXX-XX. This is your private information that is absolutely not publicly available!

  5. As international sellers like myself from Australia and Peggy from Canada (above) we do not have US tax information therefore our payment will unaffected or do we need to update anything else? Will be good to clarify to non US residents thanks x

    1. Hi Sarah, I found this reply from Liz on the forum: “If you are an international designer, nothing has changed for you. This information is needed for those filing US taxes with the IRS.” So that lets us off the hook, lol!

      1. Oh thank you Peggy and Sarah! I also wasn’t completely sure but couldn’t see anywhere to add the ‘legal name’! Also glad to be let off the hook:)

  6. I would like to see some proof that IRS has asked your company to collect taxes from what I earn or report it. I take care of my own taxes and don’t earn enough here to make a difference on my tax form.
    Thank you

    1. Zazzle royalties and referral payments are earnings, and thus legally must be reported to the IRS. We are not able to pay you without this information.

  7. There is still a bit of a problem, even though as international sellers we don’t have to change anything, if you try to update your address or other info, you get an error message that says ‘please enter your legal name’.

    1. This was an error that has been corrected. International designers who are not filing any information with the IRS do not need to make any changes. Thank you!

  8. Hi Liz, does the Paypal payee name have to match the legal name in the tax information area? I ask, because while I am the self-named payee on Zazzle, I have always had my funds deposited into a Paypal account that we created long ago in my spouse’s name. Thanks in advance.

  9. I’m french
    do I have to register my Social Security number?
    how to know if all the elements are right for my payment?
    Is that my nickname should appear on lew-8 BEN form?

    1. Our international designers who do not file any tax information with the IRS do not need to take any additional action here – thank you!

  10. Went into the settings and all I had to do was add my name above the ss# field because everything else is there and correct, but after I added my name it would not save it. Went in on two different browsers and still not “sticking.’

  11. Hi everyone, the best place to keep up-to-date and receive answers to specific questions is our official Zazzle forums! The issue with saving changes to payment settings will be resolved by tomorrow. Thanks

  12. Hi,
    My balance was cleared and has not shown up on my PayPal. It has been over a week and Ran into this blog. I see the changes Zazzle has made and will be the first to admit it is quite confusing to me. I’ve been with Zazzle for well over a year and hope to see the royalty I have earned show up in my PayPal. I was wondering who should I contact if after trying to follow the instructions again and it not working for me.
    Thank you so much!

  13. Hi Liz,

    What should I do if I hadn’t updated my information and now I my payment has been cancelled. After I update will my previous payments be reissued?

  14. I just want tell you all. My earning on my seller account on zazzle is different with payment that I receive on my paypal? It’s huge different.

    On 6/2/2014, my earning $57.45 but I only receive $51,71 on my paypal.

    And yesterday that I hate the most, I should receive $71.46, but zazzle only send me $50,02. Where is my other $21 ?

    Please give me explanation and I hope zazzle want to re-send all my earning that they haven’t send it. I will appreciate it.

    By the way, I’m live in Indonesia, I have submit my international form fw8bene last year.

  15. Hi,
    I was wondering if you are signed up as a individual do you get a 1099 send to you by zazzle, also does zazzle withhold federal and state taxes on your behalf on the sale or do you have to set taxes aside, this would be opting to get paid by check ,

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