Guest Post: 3 DIY Project Ideas Using Zazzle Fabric by Kristen D. & Geraldine B. of Pattern Pod

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Today, we have a special guest post from two of our wonderful Zazzle Designers and Associates – Kristen Dettoni & Geraldine Blanchot. By integrating with Zazzle using the API, they are able to offer the amazing designs from their site Pattern Pod on a variety of Zazzle products.

In this post, Kristen and Geraldine share with us 3 Zazzle custom fabric DIY projects ideas.

3 DIY Project Ideas Using Zazzle Fabric by Kristen Dettoni & Geraldine Blanchot of Pattern Pod

Geraldine and I have been designing textiles for a combined 33 years, so when Zazzle contacted us about using our patterns on fabric, you can imagine that we were pretty excited about it. This is right up our alley!

We set off to explore all of the different fabrics Zazzle offers, in order to determine which ones were best suited for our projects. They offer seven varieties of fabric that can be ordered as swatches, fat quarters or by the yard, so we appreciated the breadth of options and range of price points.

We started by ordering a swatch of each fabric type. All of our options are detailed below and labeled A to G. We decided to use the Pima Cotton because we liked the crispness of the print and the weight and feel of the material.

PatternPod Zazzle Fabrics



For each project, Geraldine and I put together some easy-to-follow printable instruction sheets, for your reference. They will visually guide you through each DIY project, step by step!

So now that we have picked our fabric, let’s get started…

  1. Accent Pillows

Pattern Pod Zazzle Pillows


Pillows are incredibly easy to make. They are a great way to add pattern, texture and personality to any room! You’d be amazed what a nice accent pillow can do to your space.

We ordered our “Sketch Quatrefoil in Yellow and Gray” and “The Modern Four Square Leaf” patterns on a yard of Pima Cotton.

We typically like to mix and match 2-3 design elements in a space. Here are some tips to help you pick your patterns!

  1. Use similar scales in contrasting colors that compliment each other like blue and orange.
  2. Use similar color schemes in contrasting scales and styles like a geometric and a floral.
  3. Coordinate patterns by matching color elements within each design – the colors don’t all have to match! (like our pillows above)
  4. Compliment a subdued palette with colorful accents – this approach will look very sophisticated!
  5. You can’t go wrong by incorporating a solid or small-scale design to ground the more ornate ones.


The two pillows above work well together because of their similar scales. They play off each other thanks to their matching gray color element. The darker pillow is more subdued and neutral, while the green pillow stands out with its cheery brightness.

Easy DIY Accent Pillows Instructions (1): (Printable PDF)

Easy DIY Accent Pillows Instructions (2): (Printable PDF)

Tip: Use seasonal patterns and swap your pillows for the holidays!

  1. Pillows with Pockets

Pattern Pod Zazzle Tooth Pillow

Hanging pillows with a front pocket are a fun DIY gift idea, and can also be used as a unique interactive decorative accent in your household. We like to hang ours on doorknobs for keepsakes, or use them as teeth holders for the tooth fairy. They have also b­­­­een known to show up as ornaments on the Christmas tree!!

For this project, we wanted to make Kristen’s nephew a birthday gift, so we chose our “Little Birdie in Blue” pattern on Fat Quarter in Pima Cotton.  This pattern also comes in pink and yellow!

Some kids may feel a bit uneasy about a stranger entering their room when they are asleep.  To keep the Tooth Fairy tradition fun, as an alternative, kids can put their tooth in the pillow pocket, and then hang it on any doorknob in the house.

Easy DIY Pocket Pillows Instructions: (Printable PDF)

Tip: Small pillows can be also used for ring bearers and keeping your wedding rings safe!!

  1. Pouches for Electronics

Pattern Pod CasePattern Pod Zazzle Pouch

As we collect electronics, we collect power cords. Stylish fabric pouches are a great way to keep track of everything. We particularly love using them when we travel!

Tablet Pouch

The Tablet Pouch uses our pattern “Modern Check Fabric with Monagram” on a Pima Cotton swatch.

To keep the price down, we ordered a swatch and used a solid color fabric on the back of the pouch that matches the design on the front.  We then lined the pouch with felt to reinforce it and help avoid any scratches to the screen. As an added bonus, the textural nature of the felt helps the tablet stay in place!

Power Cord Pouch

Excess fabric from the pillow project came in handy for the Power Cord Pouch. After all, we didn’t want to waste any of our beautiful Zazzle fabric!

We used a magnetic snap for the closure and also lined the pouch with felt.  We found that this helped to add some bulk to the product, since the Pima Cotton is very soft and lightweight.

Easy DIY Tablet Pouch Instructions: (Printable PDF)

Easy DIY Power Cord Pouch Instructions: (Printable PDF)

Tip: These pouches also make great gifts!

We hope you enjoy all of our DIY ideas. Don’t forget to take a look at all of our fun patterns & products on our Zazzle store! If you can’t find what you need there, be sure to go our website, where in 4 easy steps, you can order any of our patterns, in a variety of color options, directly onto the Zazzle store!


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