10 Unique Teacher Appreciation Gift Ideas

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Teacher Appreciation Day is Tuesday, May 5. Lucky for you, Zazzle has smart gift ideas to help you be head of the class.

  1. “Orange You Glad It’s Almost Summer?” Gift Basket. One of the perks of being a teacher is summer vacation—remind him or her that a glorious three months off is just around the corner with an “Orange You Glad It’s Almost Summer” themed gift basket. Throw in some orange-flavored juice, tea or candies and you’re golden.

Orange Stripes Canvas Bag

Orange Sun Pattern Hand Towel

Orange Chevron Igloo Beverage Cooler

  1. Personalized Water Bottle. Customize a water bottle and attach a little note that reads: “It’s so refreshing to have a great teacher like you.”

Chevron Pattern Water Bottle


  1. Enough said.

Best Teacher Ever Chocolate Box


  1. Cake Pops. These will definitely make you teacher’s pet—and he or she may even share with the class.

Teachers Do It With Class Cake Pops

Teaching Is a Work of Heart Cake Pops


  1. Teacher Survival Kit. Fill a cute bag or basket with teacher essentials like pens, pencils, a coffee mug, post-it notes and magnets. Personalize it by using his or her last name or first initial.


A Note From Teacher Post-Its

Best Teacher Gift Pen Holder

Teacher Nameplate

Red Owl at Chalkboard Coffee Mug


  1. A Personalized Candy Jar. Fill it with candy or baked goods. Once it’s empty, they can either refill it with their favorite treats or use it to store school supplies.


Green Apple and Polka Dot Candy Jar

Customizable Chalkboard Candy Jar


  1. Personalized Coffee Mug. Take this traditional teacher gift one step further by filling it with a gift card to a local coffee shop or with a bag of coffee beans or hot chocolate.


Chalkboard Red Apple Coffee Mug

Keep Calm and Teach on Mug


  1. A Scarf. Help her make a statement—and stay warm—with this chic scarf.


Zazzle HEART scarf


  1. Help him or her tune out the world with headphones. This is a particularly great gift idea for a music teacher. Attach a note that says “Thanks for being a great listener” or “You rock.”

Teacher Superhero Headphones

Math Is Awesome Headphones

10. Travel Accessories. Send him or her off for the summer in style with luggage tags and passport holders.

Chalkboard Heart Passport Holder

Math Lessons Tag

Library Apple Luggage Tag

We guarantee you’ll score an A+ for creativity!

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