8 A+ Gift Ideas for the Grad in Your Life

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Graduation is a major milestone that calls for majorly awesome gifts. Here are a few grad gift ideas that are guaranteed to make the grade.

  1. Collegiate Apparel. First things first, browse our Collegiate Shops to see if your grad’s school is covered. From Florida to Berkley, we’ve got hundreds of gift items representing more than 25 universities across the country.

Eye of the Tiger LSU Luggage Tag

UC Berkley Bear Gold Throw Pillows

Party With Trees iPhone Case


  1. Vanity Trays. Whether she’s heading to college or an apartment of her own, helping a girl stay organized is a gift in and of itself. And with these chic vanity trays, she’ll have a unique way to arrange and display everything from jewelry, perfume and bath products, to books, pens and vases.

Monogram Navy and Coral Ikat Diamond Tray

I Like Pig Butts and I Cannot Lie

Navy Blue and Pink Brush Strokes Tray

Zazzle Extra Credit: Create a mini care package and load the vanity tray up with some of her favorite bath and beauty products.

  1. Laptop, iPhone and iPad Cases. Someone paid good money for this grad’s electronics—help keep these expensive gadgets protected and stylish. Plus, you know they’ll always to connected to some gadget or another, so by outfitting their phone or tablet with a custom case, they’ll think of you every time they use it.


Left Brain, Right Brain iPad Cover

Dream Big Computer Sleeve

Balloon House From the Disney Pixar UP Movie


  1. A Warm Blanket. Dorm rooms can get chilly. A custom blanket can help keep them warm and remind them of home. It’s also useful for hiding piles of dirty laundry!

Custom Bohemian Paisley Fleece Blanket

Aqua Blue Photo Collage Fleece Blanket

  1. Custom Headphones. For when they want to jam out—without waking up the entire floor.

Sorry I Can’t Hear You Headphones

Teal and White Striped Monogram Headphones

Music To My Ears Vinyl Records Headphones


  1. Sometimes, life’s biggest milestone calls for a commemorative gift that comes inside a small package. She’ll wear these gifts close to her heart for years to come.

Gold Plated Initial Pendant

Personalized Graduation Locket



  1. Coffee Mugs. All-night study sessions are part of college. Help them stay awake and ace their tests with a cool coffee mug.

Grad Color Text Design Mug

Graduation Cap Mug

Zazzle Extra Credit: Fill the mug with a bag of their favorite coffee or a gift card to a local coffee shop.

  1. Travel Accessories. Send your college grad into the real world in style and prepare them for the many adventures that lie ahead.


World Travel Monogram Passport Holder

European Adventures Travel Journal

Oh The Places You’ll Go Tag for Bags



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