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Fun fact: over 70 MILLION images are shared on Instagram daily.

Given that staggering figure, how on Earth do you get your images noticed?

1. Great in-situ imagery.

“In-situ” shots are taken to show the product “in situation” and help to tell the photo’s story. In the photo below, @evablack_ takes a quick, well-composed, nicely-lit snapshot as she’s headed to the mailbox.

This does not require a professional camera or fancy equipment. If you have access to the sun, you’ve got a great base for a photo that will get noticed. The secrets to great photography are simply:

1. taking a moment to compose the shot so that the light falls where you want it to.

2. eliminating from the frame anything unnecessary to the story you’re telling.

Want to learn more? Check out this great tutorial.

2. #Hashtags.

Your best friend’s daughter’s sister’s motto is, “The more hashtags, the better,”  but we beg to differ (and so, we’d bet, would most). Dozens of hashtags will get you “noticed” like jumping on Oprah’s couch got Tom Cruise “noticed,” but it will also likely eliminate your chances of being re-posted.

Including hashtags that are relevant to your post’s content is always good practice, but adding too many tends to make a post look spammy. #too #many #hashtags #makes #a #post #tough #to #read #and #feels #very #spammy #so #please #remember #that #less #is #more.


3. Photo Tags.

In order to keep your post copy clean and simple, take advantage of Instagram’s photo tagging functionality.

Upload your photo, then tap “Tag People”:

Tap on each area of your photo onto which you would like to direct your viewers’ attention. In this particular post, we tagged the original poster, Jaime, our Maker, ALTR, and Zazzle.

tag people

Photo tagging is a great tool for both personal and professional Instagramming because it allows the poster to separate out the content of the post from the parties featured in the photo. Posting a photo of your adorable baby in a Zazzle onesie? Leave your copy focused on your baby: “Maddie’s TWO! #twocute #wherehasthetimegone” and simply tag us (and any other brands) in the photo. This keeps your personal copy from feeling like an ad, but puts your image in front of the brands who might choose to repost it. Win win for all.

4. Use the Location field (with caution).


Many social-savvy  have “hacked” the location field for short CTAs (calls-to-action) like “Shop this!” “30% off through tonight” and “Shop link in profile.”

While all great practices, keep in mind that anyone who clicks on the Location link can see a map of where your phone was when you posted the image.


Work in a large office building with a publicly known address? Post away. Work from your home office next to your sleeping baby? Use caution with the Location feature and consider only using it when posting away from your home.

Our Social team loves seeing #zazzle and @zazzle-tagged Instagram photos from our Designers, Makers and customers! Need additional tips?  Drop us a line at

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  1. That’s so funny because it’s true. But anyways, thanks for sound advises! Thy’re a bit general, more useful for a beginner, but still good. Although there’s something missing. The most crucial part is engaging. No matter how many followers you have if they are not active towards your account – they are useless. The best way to engage in my opinion is to interact with as many convenient users as possible. Follow & like & comment, then get rid of those who did’t answer with, then repeat until you’re famous. This is the key to a good, consolidated and engaged community, when you follow the same number as you are being followed. The feeling of implication is crucial.

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