Tips for Writing Engaging Blog Posts

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Beginning to blog? The modern blog is actually a product of evolution from the online diary, in which authors would share experiences through posts and conversations with others. Blogging then gained popularity quickly in the early 2000s as a means of outreach, opinion forming, and self- expression. Whether you’re new to the blogosphere or not, we think these tips will prove to be useful to help you create compelling content.


Who are you writing for? Content should always be based on your own thoughts and ideas, so always focus on writing for yourself first. However, understanding your audience is also key. Your existing readers are just as important as new readers who have started to follow.



Choose a topic that is not only interesting to you, but would be interesting to the readers as well. Information can also be reader-generated.



Consistency is key to help bloggers obtain regular traffic. Consistent blogging will help bloggers reach a stronger following.



Voice is an extremely important aspect to your blog. The voice of your blog should be true to yourself, even when writing on different topics. By being yourself, you’ll be able to enjoy writing and the blogging process much more.



Blogging is not a short term thing. Plan to invest time and effort into blogging before seeing results. It can take months to years to gain a following, and see a return on your efforts.namaste


Images are useful to help prove a point or capture the interest of your readers visually. For best picture quality, opt to use high resolution images. We love taking beautiful photos, and we’ve previously given some photography tips to help you complement your blog post.elephants

Each writer is different and unique in their own ways, so have fun, create content, and blog away!


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