Featured Designer Interview: GayRiot

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Today we’re chatting with one of our talented designers from the UK, owner of the Zazzle store GayRiot, about design inspiration and behind the scenes work of running a Zazzle store.

Your store is such a mix of eclectic designs. Where do you draw your inspiration from?

Many people say you should give your store or brand a defined style, but I went ahead and did exactly the opposite: I opened a store with an eclectic style! I didn’t deliberately intend to do this, but I’m interested in so many different things that it happened naturally. I love music, travel and I like to think that I’m a bit of a film buff – hence all the references to music, film and different cultures. I am also passionate about equality, hence the design references to gay culture and so on. I’m inspired by things that I like, and I like many things!

Black Mandala Throw Pillow


Gay Pride Rainbow Flag Tote Bag


Fox Apparel Long Sleeve T-Shirt



How did you become a Zazzle Designer?

Three years ago I was looking for a place where I could sell and design postcards and I came across Zazzle. I liked the idea of being able to design different products, and the journey began. Since I don’t come from a design background, I was a bit overwhelmed at first with all the possibilities available but realised that I had all the skills needed to create the designs and to make sales. Designing the products is just part of having a successful store. The upkeep and updating of it is just as important, and work is “never done”. I regularly re-design and improve existing products. Outdated designs are either removed or re-worked, and of course promoting the store is essential.

Vintage Burlesque Poster Kindle Folio Case

Trees Black and White iPhone 6 Case

Retro Space Age Dog Astronauts Kitchen Tea Towel


Has your store changed since you started?


When I started my store I didn’t immediately see the full potential of the business or the amount of work involved in making it successful. With time, I realised the opportunity and I now dedicate my full time to the development of my store. Promoting and networking via social media is time consuming but imperative, and so is researching new product ideas, and keeping up with new trends. The entire experience has been a great learning curve and every day I learn something new.

Vintage Science Fiction Comics iPhone 6 Case

Vintage Sci-Fi Comics Doodle Speaker

Retro Bowling Man Gift Bag


What’s your favourite product to design on?


I enjoy designing them all – each product is a new challenge! It is tempting to duplicate a design on to as many products as you can, but not all designs suit all products. So I prefer designing each product individually. It is time consuming but it pays off in the long run because I get better results.

Film Reel Wall Clock

Clouds and Blue Sky Serving Tray

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