Curate and Share Your Favorites with Zazzle Collections

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We’ve just made showcasing and sharing your favorite Zazzle products even easier. Curate and share the things you love on Zazzle with our new Collections feature!

Collections are a fun and eye-catching new way to share multiple products with your friends, followers and customers, and to organize your products into different topics and events. You can also easily sell more coordinating products in your store by grouping designs by theme or occasion.

3 collections

Collections will be replacing Wishlists, but don’t worry–all your existing Wishlists will be automatically converted into Collections for you to peruse!

How to add a product to a Collection:

  1. Browse the site for something interesting.
  2. Click on the icon that looks like three horizontal lines that appears when hovering over a search result or on this same button on the product page.
  3. Select the Collection you want to add the product to or create a new one right from this window.
  4. That’s it! Keep adding products until your Collection features the perfect selection of coordinated products for any event, theme, or occasion that speaks to you. You can browse your Collections by clicking on “Collections” in the member drop-down menu in the header or by going to My Profile > Collections.
  5. Once you’ve created a Collection, make sure to add great tags and description to make it easy for customers to find. Do this by simply clicking “Edit” under your collection as shown on your Collections page in your account.
  6. We’ve also made it really fun and simple to share your favorite Collections. Just click on the “Share” button on the Collection page and choose how you want to share the Collection. You’ll see a beautiful grid of your chosen products, perfect for sharing and displaying on social media and more!


collections pinterest


There are lots of perks of using Collections on Zazzle as a Designer or Associate:

  • Collections can contain products from any store or Maker.
  • Unlike store categories, the same product can exist in multiple collections.
  • Collections can be displayed in one or more of your stores.
  • Collections can be private just for you or public to show off to the world (default).
  • Collections can have a large banner image and description to make them an attractive destination for customers. Tell us just why your collection is so great!
  • Products inside a collection can be arranged and ordered. Simply drag and drop!
  • Collections can be shared by email, on popular social networks or by a link within your blog or website.


If you don’t have a specific idea in mind, but just want to gather your favorite products, you’re still in luck. We now have a special collection called Likes, which provides a quick and easy way to save any product from almost anywhere on the site.

To Like something, simply click on the heart button anywhere in the search results or on the corresponding heart button on the product page. You can view all your Likes by clicking on “Likes” in the member drop-down menu in the header.

All products that you have previously Liked, as well as any public products that were in your default Wishlist, have been migrated to the new Likes collection. If you had more than one Wishlist, each one will be migrated into a collection with the same name and settings.

Like or add products to a Collection from search results:

Collections from search


Like or add products to a collection from the product page:

collections from product pg


You can access your Likes & Collections from your profile icon drop-down menu. You will also be able to manage and edit your collections within your account from your Profile.

collections from icon

Collections edit


Collection Do’s

  • Do create Collections containing hand-picked products that are related by event, theme, product type, or occasion.
  • Do add a vivid, high-quality banner image and detailed description to make your Collection stand out and easier to find.
  • Do tag your Collections with descriptive and popular keywords that describe the entire collection and how they are related.
  • Do keep your Collections focused and small in size so they are easy to browse.

Collection header

Collection Don’ts

  • Don’t create huge Collections with products that aren’t closely related.
  • Don’t add the same Collection to all your stores if its contents aren’t closely connected to the products in your store.
  • Don’t use a low-resolution banner image that contains text or any other types of information (links, phone numbers, social network handles, etc.).

We hope you enjoy using creating fun collections of your favorite Zazzle products. Please contact us if you have any questions. We can’t wait to see your collections!

Like it. Love it. Share it.

19 thoughts on “Curate and Share Your Favorites with Zazzle Collections”

    1. This is a brand new feature, so we’re still working on making improvements. I’ll be sure to pass along your suggestion!

  1. Great idea. Everyone is going crazy with this new toy. One thing I an not able to do is to edit the products in the collection. How would I delete a product from a collection? Thanks!

    1. @Marian If you go to your collection, you will see all the products you have included. Move your mouse over the product you would like to delete from the collection. You will see to buttons on the top right of the product image. A heart and 3 lines. When you click the 3 lines button you can select or deselect the product from any collection it is in.

  2. When collections first came out, they really did not work well. This is such a great improvement I am sure you will see many collections being made.

    How long does it take for a collection to show up in our store? Where does it show up in our store?

    Some thoughts: there are some inconsistencies thatlead to many questions. The header is a different size than the store header. The settings do not match with product settings. A collection is either private or public. Where is “direct”? If a collection is private, will links work? Perhaps I want a public collection but not one my store’s home page. How?

    Nothing was said about our associate number but I see it works.

    I would be really great to be able to set up a category or page of collections rather than having collections pop up whereever they do. I could create several Christmas related collections based on design, for example. Matching sets of cards, stamps, address labels, coasters . . .

  3. Really it is a great,innovative, wonderful idea, to showcase our products collectively, created for any specific theme,or occasion. Thanks for the designer friendly tool. Hope this will be very helpful to all zazzlers to promote our products in store.

      1. When you share your Collection outside of Zazzle, your referral ID is included. So, if a customer comes to Zazzle via your Collections link, you will receive a referral for any purchases made by that customer within that session.

    1. Yes, your wishlist will be automatically converted into a Collection, which you can choose to display publicly or keep private to you.

  4. I made a couple of collections, but they are not showing up in my stores. How do I make sure they show up?

    Also, I’ve searched the forum and associates and can’t find what size the banner should be. Please, what size for banner???

    Thanks! So far, I love this!

    1. Hi Rubi,

      Great question!

      Collections are not the same as categories, so they will not show up in your store, but rather in the “Collections” section.

      As for the banner size, your image should be at least 1140×315.

      Hope this helps!
      Elizabeth P.

  5. Hi Liz,
    I am concerned about the links working from the collections. Great Idea and I love the tool! I show 1645 Link-overs and not one purchase. I have also invested in ads that lead to Zazzle products but no sales? How do we know the links are working- I do not see my associates ref number once they click on the individual product.

  6. I would like to add to a Collection from the Quick Create page. Is this possible?

    I would also like to add to a Collection from a category. Instead of selecting items one by one, select a group of products and add them to a Collection. Is this possible?

    Further, is there a way to delete a Collection?

    1. Hi there,

      Collections are meant to be highly curated and thoughtful selections of coordinated products, so there is only functionality to add each product one at a time. You can delete a collection by going to your Collections tab and clicking “Edit” then the small trashcan icon on the left of the edit pop-up window.


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