5 Ways to Use Photoshop Brushes in Your Designs

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Welcome to a very special guest post from our friends at Creative Market! Today they’ll be showing you how to use some of Creative Market’s amazing resources to design unique products on Zazzle.

To the average non­-designer, Photoshop is a nifty hack that celebrities use to cheat about their bodies. We’ve all seen it being used to accentuate fake curves, trim down body fat, hide skin imperfections, and other equally vain missions. Tabloids love to call out phonies who abuse Photoshop, magazines couldn’t do without it, and the fashion industry lives off of it. To those of us creating in the digital space, however, Adobe Photoshop is much more than a fraud machine.

Among all the impressive functions that this software offers, the brushes panel is one of the most versatile. Created to make photo editing easier, brushes have also become the go­-to tool for many designers working on layouts for print or web-­based products. What’s even more exciting is how independent designers all around the world are creating and selling new brushes that help us take our projects in unexpected directions. Creative Market is a marketplace for such stunning brush sets, and when you combine top tools like these with Zazzle’s impressive printing service you get one-­of­-a­-kind, stellar products.

Throughout this post, we’ll take a look at 5 awesome ways to use Photoshop brushes for your next Zazzle project.

  1. Create an eye­-catching border for a festive greeting card


Start with a blank canvas and add watercolor leaves, flowers, and twigs from these handpainted brushes along the border. Play with brush opacity, size and angles. Write a custom message for your recipient and upload your design to a personalized greeting card.



  1. Design an intricate pattern for unique gift wrap


Select a background color for your gift wrap and use it to fill up a square. This square will be laid out as a mosaic, so bear in mind that you are creating a pattern that needs to replicate nicely. Use these retro spiral brushes to overlay different types of circles until you get an intricate motif that you feel happy with. Add a number or initials to mark someone’s birthday, anniversary, or any other life event. Upload your design here to create a custom gift wrap roll.




  1. Compose a subtle background for an elegant envelope


Lay out different word brushes over a colored background. Use a slightly lighter color in your top layer to keep the contrast low and add subtlety to your design. Play with word size, angle and opacity to create an elegant pattern. Personalize and print your own envelopes using Zazzle.




  1. Create a chalk-­like cover for an inspiring journal


Find a quote that motivates you*. Fill up a rectangular canvas with a dark blackboard tone and add a few white scratches using these Chalk & Crayon brushes. Type your quote, rasterize the layer, and play around with the noise filter until you get a chalk­-like feel for the text.

Alternatively, use this ready-­made text effect. Add some decorative elements from the brush pack to complete the design. Upload your pocket journal’s front cover, and remember to create an additional background for the back cover.



  1. Design a quote for an original art piece


Feeling extra creative? Try designing a unique art piece to decorate your workspace or home.

Start out with a solid color of your choice, and slowly add in spongy strokes from a brush set like this one. Think of a word that you’d like to bring into your space and use this watercolor brush alphabet to position it over your background. Upload your finished art piece into a custom canvas print.



­­Creative Market is a platform for handcrafted, mousemade design content from independent creatives around the world. Laura (@laurabusche) earned a Master of Arts in Design Management from the Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD). She is the author of O’Reilly Media’s Lean Branding book. Laura is a Brand Content Strategist at Creative Market and regularly blogs about branding and business at laurabusche.com/blog. ­­

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PS Brushes: Watercolor Letters; PS Brushes: Chalk & Crayon; Fairy Tales + Bonus Fonts; Recipe BRUSH PACK: words & clipart; Retro Spirals Photoshop Brushes; Watercolor PS Brushes 1200+; Amelian Script Typeface


*The quote and character name used here are for illustrative purposes only, and are the property of Lucasfilm Ltd. When creating Zazzle designs, always be sure to follow our Acceptable Content Guidelines and only utilize content to which you have full rights to avoid any unintentional copyright, trademark, or intellectual property infringement.

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