Congratulations to the April Associate Challenge Winners!

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We’d like to thank everyone who participated in the April Associate Tier Challenge and congratulate all associates that reached one of the giveaway tiers of 50, 100 or 150+ referrals! We had an exciting 45 Associates who reached at least one of the levels and we’re hoping to have an even higher number for the May Associate Tier Challenge.  Today we’re featuring one Associate from each challenge tier and asking them to tell us a bit about themselves and their background, as well as share some best practices and tips for finding success with the Zazzle Associate Program.

Tier 1:   150+ referrals on  

Jinaiji | Website: Personalized Wedding Design | Zazzle Store: Jinaiji


Tell us a little bit about yourself.

My name is Jinaiji and my background is in art. I studied at two art universities, and have a Bachelor’s degree in Multimedia Art and a Master’s degree in Art. I am always inspired by nature which is reflected in my designs. I have two computers at home which have the appropriate programs that I need to create and design. For my nature designs, I usually use a very good Canon camera with two professional lenses, and I also use the Cintiq tablet for drawings. Recently I was inspired by watercolor paintings and started learning this technology, and I have to say that I love it. I am still improving my watercolor skills! Don’t judge me yet – I will be better after few months!

What tips would you give to Associates that are just starting out?

One recommendation that I would give to an Associate who is just starting out is for them to create their own blog or website, place the best selling products on the site and make sure that the site is optimized for search by using good keywords.



Watercolor: Floral Watercolor Wedding Collection by jinaiji


Nature inspired: Fireflies Mason Jar Rustic Garden Wedding Invites by jinaiji




Tier 2:   100-150 Referrals on 

Vicki Sawyer | Website: Vicki Sawyer | Zazzle Store: Vicki Sawyer


Tell us a little bit about yourself.

I am an artist living in Franklin, TN. As a young child, I have always loved to create which prompted me to pursue art in college.  After painting murals for years while I raised three children, I now paint on canvas and love it. I hope that my art makes people happy and maybe even causes them to laugh out loud. About six years ago it occurred to me that if birds could build nests, then they could make hats.  This is the inspiration for most of my art.  I also enjoy painting hats and masks on animals.

What tips would you give to Associates that are just starting out?

For Associates starting out, I recommend going on Zazzle’s forum.  Zazzle also offers expert help when asked.


vicki_fox Sly the fox canvas print by vickisawyer

Tier 3:   50-100 referrals on 

David Paul | Website: Dreamgifts | Zazzle Store: Dreamgifts


Tell us a little bit about yourself.

I’m Dave and my background is in education training and IT. Although I still design (at I realized that with the increasing product range at Zazzle and not enough design time at my disposal I had to be selective, so promoting the work of talented designers in niche areas such as weddings, became a particular challenge.

Wearing my designer ‘hat’ I have always been interested in music and that is reflected not only in products I have designed, but also products by other designers that I have promoted as an Associate.

The main website where I promote Zazzle is – It uses a combination of hand-picked content, product data from Zazzle RSS feeds, and code that presents product feed data in a user and SEO friendly way (having its origins in Zazzle Store Builder). Keeping it up to date with an ever increasing Zazzle product range is a challenge. The most recent development was making it mobile friendly to satisfy Google’s Mobility Tests.

What tips would you give to Associates that are just starting out?

My tips for new affiliates would include the following :

(a) Use various social media to promote designers’ work. Many products in the Zazzle marketplace are not indexed by search engines so you’ll want to promote them outside Zazzle where they have a better chance of being crawled, indexed and seen by potential customers.

(b) The Zazzle forums are a good place to find designers whose work you can promote outside Zazzle.

(c) Learn about Zazzle RSS feeds and how to use them to find products that are popular, recent, themed and by designer. The general consensus is that, unless you are a brand name (eg Disney, Hallmark etc), customers will rarely visit (and buy from) an individual designer’s store, so your emphasis should be on promoting products rather than stores (but give them that option too).

(d) If you’re not US based don’t be disheartened. You can still promote successfully domestically and internationally if you live outside the USA. I’m based in Europe. (And even if you are US based have patience – the road to promoting can take months to see results).



Wedding invitations by talented Zazzle designers are products that I promote a lot; but I’ve designed a little with my own designs such as this invitation:


Wedding Piano Music Theme
Music inspired collection: Wedding Piano Music Theme by Dreamgifts


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