DIY Cut and Sew Unicorn Plushie

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Crafters, dust off those sewing machines! We’re here today with a special post on a creative DIY use for Zazzle fabric: a cut and sew unicorn plush toy, demonstrated by the creator of the fabric herself, Zazzle designer lovliday. For other fun cut-and-sew designs, check out her whole selection here.

Cut and Sew Unicorn Fabric DIY Plush

This adorable design comes in the perfect size, already set to our affordable “Fat Quarter” option, which is the top left quadrant of a full yard of fabric. To get started, you’ll need:


Start with a little ironing to remove any folds or creases, and then cut out each shape right along the outlines. 


Align the matching sides of the body, horn and tail together with the printed (front) sides of the fabrics together. You should be seeing the back side of the fabric while sewing. I recommend starting with the horn and then the tail. In both pieces, be sure to leave openings in the area where the horn and tail will attach to the body. 


The horn and tail can be lightly stuffed, and then placed in position to where they will be sewn. There is a helpful diagram printed right on the fabric to help illustrate this step. 


Pin all edges and begin to sew. Make sure to leave an opening near the bottom so you can flip it right side out and fill it with the stuffing. This opening will have to be hand stitched at the end, so leave it open enough that you can comfortably flip it without needing to do too much hand sewing.


I left the belly open, which made it super easy for flipping and stuffing, but I found it to be a bit much to hand sew. 


There you have it! An adorable DIY plush toy from Zazzle fabric, and a happy little Zazzle customer.

unicorn9 unicorn10

 What will you make with Zazzle fabric?

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