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We chat with one of our SEO experts to find out why search engine optimization is so important to helping your Zazzle designs get the notice they deserve.

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11 thoughts on “Video: Zazzle Chat on SEO”

  1. Hi Liz,
    is better to create more specified store, because SEO?
    First I have one for all, and now, I opened home decor, party, baby and kids. I’m not sure, is this right way?

    1. Hi Erika,

      This is a personal choice for what you feel works best for you and your products. Our best recommendations are to make sure that each product in your store is SEO-friendly.


  2. I’m new is zazzle, I have much questions about SEO and this video was really hepful, Thanks 🙂
    I design wedding stationary, I’m afraid that google considers my collections as a spam, normally I have more than twenty related products in a collection, for example: “Bluebells | Floral Wedding Invitations”, Bluebells | Floral RSVP cards”, etc, in each collection the title and the descripción are similar, because the story behind the designs is the same, there is some way to deal with this issue?

        1. But how a deal with that in a collection, where a I have a lot of product with similar content and same inspiration? In a normal web maybe a can use a cannonical meta, but I don’t what I can do in zazzle.

          1. Hi Nidia,

            You’ll always need to use your own best judgement for recommendations like this, as each Designer and their designs and stores are different. For coordinated Collections, do your best to differentiate the descriptions for each product to show the use and inspiration for a customer to purchase it.


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