5 Tips for Getting Started as a New Designer

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Our ever-growing community of talented designers is a huge part of what makes Zazzle special. We love helping artists share and sell their work. Are you ready to show off your skills? Join the fun with your own free account and store, and follow some of our tips to get started as a designer on Zazzle!

1. Spruce up your storefront

Not only can you create unique designs on Zazzle products, but you also have your very own storefront on our site. (You can even have more than one store!) Make the most of it by adding a header image, choosing how you’d like your products and/or store categories to appear, displaying comments from customers, or showcasing collections of products.

store content screenshot

2. Get social

Now that you have some stellar products and a beautiful storefront, it’s time to tell the world! The best way to reach customers is to get social and share your products and store. We’re talking everything from creating your own blog and writing great posts, showing off on Instagram, pinning to Pinterest – you name it! Find your audience and share your talent with them. Don’t forget to include your referral ID!

3. Tell your story

Zazzle is all about everything custom and personalized because we believe everyone is one of a kind. You are, too! Fill out your Zazzle member profile to tell the world who you are and why your designs are special. Don’t forget to tell the story of each of your designs, too!

4. Check out our new arrivals

With new products for you to design launching every week, it can be hard to keep up! To see which of our product lines we think are the next big thing, take a peek at our New Arrivals page. If you don’t see something that sparks your creativity, you can see all of our product lines on our main Create page.




5. Join the conversation

As a Zazzle Designer, you’re not alone! We have an incredible community of designers on our Zazzle forums sharing tricks and insight every day so you can learn from those who have been there before you. If you still need tips on getting started and being successful on Zazzle, feel free to check out our help page or reach out to our friendly support team.


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  1. I am just getting started with this only about 2 weeks into it,I like the selection of products and I am trying to get what people I know to check out what I have.

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