The Life-Changing Power of Tidying Up (with Acrylic Trays)!

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Today we have a special guest post from Monica, one of our talented Product Marketing Managers. (You may recognize her from some of our Zazzle Chats) Take it away, Monica!

I recently went through an organization phase and cleaned my entire apartment! Granted, it’s not a very big apartment (see: San Francisco rent), but it still felt like a huge accomplishment. Summer doesn’t officially start until June 21 this year, so I can still technically call it spring-cleaning, right?

Since my purge, I’ve been more conscious about keeping everything neat and orderly so I don’t slowly start accumulating more stuff. One issue I’ve had was how to make sure everything was put away, but still looked good, and was within easy reach when I needed to use it!

And then I found Zazzle’s acrylic trays! These acrylic trays are the chicest way to kill two birds with one stone: tidy storage + glam décor!

San Francisco Map Square Acrylic Tray

Portuguese Tile Square Serving Tray

Trays can add an element of glam to any vanity or tabletop, and they can also be a great catch-all for the little things–keys, your phone, frequently worn jewelry. (Can’t you hear your mom saying, “everything has a place”?) With a tray placed strategically where you tend to toss your daily “extras” you get to call your tossing organizing! Voila, your life is in perfect order! If you can’t decide the size of tray that’s just right, you can even get beautifully matching sets for coordinated de-cluttering (not to mention a great discount).

Modern Trendy Chevron Name Serving Tray Set

Black and White Stripes Monogram Acrylic Tray

And honestly, they can look beautiful in every single room:

  • Bathroom: Perfect for storing all the perfumes, lotions and sunscreen you like to keep out, but also like to look organized.
  • Living Room: A great catchall for remotes, coasters, and magazines, these trays will look class up coffee tables and ottomans.
  • Bedroom: Put it on the nightstand as catch all for reading glasses, book, phone, and a water bottle!
    Mudroom: An easy place to store your keys and loose change on the go.
  • Kitchen: As long as you don’t store it too close to heat (i.e. stove), it’s great for organizing spices and little packets.
  • Office: Great for organizing papers and desk essentials.

Create Your Own Photo Collage Monogram Acrylic Tray

Rose and White Stripe Acrylic Tray

How would you use a classy acrylic tray?


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