5 Tips for Taking Great Photos with your Smartphone

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Smartphones are everyone’s best friends. They do everything for us including get directions, find dinner, chat with friends  and of course – take pictures. In this week’s Tips & Tricks, we’ll be presenting you with a few ways  you can get that perfect pic you’ve always dreamed of with the camera that’s always with you.

Keep it clean.

We take our smartphones everywhere we go – they’re in our purses, in our pockets, and of course in our hands, and at each place they pick up a little more dirt, dust, and fingerprints.  In order to protect your pictures from being blurry it’s important to clean your lens each time before you start taking pictures, so pick up a microfiber cloth to carry with you on your image taking journeys.





Watch out for flare.

Did you know that small lenses are more likely to have unexpected light effects than larger lenses? If the sun or lamp or another light source is causing a flare or glare in your photo, move your light source or camera to find a better framing. The closer you get the more of the flare you will see, so take a step back and try a few different angles.





Get close.

Get close to your subject! Smartphones have a wide depth of field because of their small lens size, so take that into consideration for your next photoshoot and get up close and personal.





Don’t zoom.

When you use the zoom function on your phone the image quality starts to go down, and nobody wants that for their pictures. Instead you can always take a larger photo, and then crop it afterward. You can also “zoom with your feet” by stepping closer like in our tip above.





Tell a story.

Telling a story with your photographs is a great way to keep your followers engaged, and your smartphone camera can be the best resource to help you do that. You can set up artful pieces that include props, or you can capture in-situ shots of people using your products. Most importantly, you can convey your personal style and who you are through everyday pictures.



Instagram photograph by Zazzle Designer La Bella Rue



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5 thoughts on “5 Tips for Taking Great Photos with your Smartphone”

  1. This was helpful, thanks. I’ve always wondered if photos taken with smartphones, in particular iPhones, are high enough quality. Anyone know what resolution you can get w/iPhones?

  2. My old Nokia N95 still took the sharpest photos of all my phone cameras. It was only 5 Mega pixels, but the images were good enough for basic promo.

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