Treat Yourself to 10 Calorie-Free Indulgences

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Let’s face it: Food is always on our minds. But if we spent every waking hour eating … well. Let’s just say that’s not the healthiest approach to life. That doesn’t mean you can’t surround yourself with food, no matter where you are. Check out these food-inspired, calorie-free indulgences.

  1. Rest your head on this delicious décor accessory.


Macaroons Custom Round Pillow


  1. Because the next best thing to eating bacon is wearing it.


I Love Bacon T-Shirt


  1. Answer your phone—not your tummy’s growl for some fast food.


Cute Foods Phone Case


  1. Get wrapped up in this healthy design.


Cute Sushi Pattern Pink Fleece Blanket


  1. Chocolate-flavored coffee, anyone?


I Love Chocolate Coffee Mug


  1. Add a little sweetness to your desktop.


Cupcakes All Mouse Pad


  1. We mustache you about your bacon obsession.


Bacon Mustache Necktie


  1. Declare your love for cheese while staying hydrated (plus, water helps curb cravings).


Customize This Big Cheese Water Bottle


  1. They’re so cute, how could you eat them?


Hot Dog Friends Hip Flask

  1. If we’re being honest …


I Wish You Were Pizza Hat

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