Wedding Wednesday: Thank You Cards

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After the “I do” and returning from the honeymoon, you’ve still got one final task: the thank you note. We’ve got some tips to help you through this last bit of wedding stress. Express your gratitude for every dish, vase, and cash gift with our stylish thank you cards.


  • Prepare your thank you list early! Keep your list of wedding guests’ names and address from your invitation list.
  • Use this list, and record each gift next to each guest’s name.
  • Stay organized, and write a short note on how you intend to use the gift.
  • Can’t decide on a style? Writing thank you notes, especially for a big wedding can be confusing! Choose two or more different styles- for example, choose one style for cash gifts, and another for all other types of gifts. This can help you be able to know easily which type of thank you note to write to your guest.


Still in honeymoon mode? We like these vacation themed notes:flipflopsstar


Monogrammed notes are traditional, and never go out of style. Have your married name or monogram on the thank you card itself:


Relive your beautiful day by featuring a picture from your wedding shoot:

loveandthankskelseySweet and simple never goes out of style:

branches thanks

Now, seal the deal and send the full package:



Send custom notes to show your appreciation of their presence on your special day. It’s proper wedding etiquette, and it’s another way to complete your wedding suite and impress your guests one last time with both good manners and style. Shop your style from our thank you postcards, note cards, photocards, and postage!

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