Two Paws Up for “Hug Your Cat Day”

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That rhythmic little purr. Those adorable Margaret Keane-esque Big Eyes. The way they ignore you one minute then crave your undivided attention the next. Ahhhhh, cats. The Internet’s most beloved animal. Today, the digital world is sure to be inundated with cat memes—after all, it’s “Hug Your Cat Day.” We always encourage cat hugging, but today, we urge you to go the extra mile and put a little extra love (and maybe some catnip) into those hugs. It’s a win-win for both of you—studies have shown that hugs from animals actually lower blood pressure and decrease stress. So grab a blanket and a pillow and snuggle up with Mittens for as long as he’ll let you. Check out these fun facts and cat-lover products that are sure to make you want to skip work, run home and give your cat a great big squeeze.

Cats sleep 70% of their lives.

Black Cat Tail Cushion Pillows

Hipster Cute Cats Pattern Fleece Blanket

The average cat needs about an ounce of water per pound of body weight daily, adding up to about two quarts of water per week.

Happy Colorful Pop Cats Cat Bowl

Black Cat Meow Custom Placemat

Cats and be righties or lefties, just like you and me.

Sleeping Cat Pattern Black Ink Pen

Keep Calm and Hug Your Cat Classic White Mug

Personalized Crazy Cat Lady Case


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