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Our friend WebJess is here today to share just how easy it is to create a blog on to showcase your Zazzle products, and share your story as a Zazzle designer. offers free web publishing software that is easy to use when it comes to creating your own blog. When it comes to marketing Zazzle products, whether they are your own, or another Zazzle Community Member’s, it’s a great idea to blog about them. Since a blog is search engine and SEO friendly, plus free, it can be a great marketing resource.


Go to and click “Create Website”.

Step 1 – Choose a Site Address


Under Site Address, type in the desired name you would like for your unique URL. Keep in mind since it is a free WordPress blog, your URL will need to include the “” at the end. Once you have found an available name for your URL, click “Create Your Site and Continue”.

Step 2 – Fill in Your Info


Fill in your details such as email, username, and password. I’ve always used the site address (part before the .wordpress) as the username, easier for me to have to remember.

Step 3 – Option to Purchase Domain Name


This step is optional. You do have the option to purchase the domain name if you eventually plan on turning your blog into website.

Step 4 – Choose Your Theme


Choose a Theme. The nice thing about WordPress is it has tons of themes, easy to customize and you can change it at any time, all while keeping your same content. There are lots of free themes, as well as ones you can purchase for additional functionality.

Step 5 – Choose Your Package


Choose your plan. If you want more than the free WordPress Blog, you can purchase Premium or Business packages. If not go ahead and click the free version.

Confirm Your Email

By now you should have received an email to confirm your email address. Make sure you do that to activate your account so you can start publishing posts on your new WordPress blog. Once you confirm your email, you are on your way to making it your own.


Getting Your WordPress Blog Started

Click “My Sites” in the top bar to start customizing and setting up your blog. Think of this area as your main dashboard area. From here you can:

  • Update your profile and account settings
  • Publish and edit posts and pages
  • Categorize your posts
  • Set up your menu
  • Manage user’s access
  • Customize and change themes
  • Add and edit widgets for your sidebar and footer area

Don’t worry about getting stuck along the way. WordPress offers lots of resources to help set up all aspects of your new WordPress blog, with a large community of knowledgeable WordPress users who can help offer tips and tricks to help you along the way.

You can check out my WordPress blog here: It took me no time at all and was very easy to set up. I already wrote one post featuring Father’s Day gifts found on Zazzle.


WebJess is a blogger, web designer/developer, and graphic designer with ten years’ experience from Arizona. Also a mommy of 3 wonderful kids and an active advocate for children and education.

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