10 Things Your Pampered Pet Needs Right Now

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Pets make our lives better in so many ways—and as pet parents, it’s our duty to return the favor. We dug up a few pet gifts guaranteed to get them wagging, purring and snuggling.

  1. Fresh doggie digs. Dogs sleep 12-14 hours per day—why not give them the pet bed of their dreams? If your existing pet bed is worn and tattered, a new, clean one may even help you sleep better by minimizing pet dander and dirt. It’s also a small way to freshen up your space by pulling in a new color or pattern.

Dog Love Small Dog Bed

Personalized Ruby Dog Bed

Aubergine Eggplant White Framed Initial Monogram Large Dog Bed


  1. The lap of luxury.

Make dinnertime extra special with new set of food and water bowls.

Blue Dog Paws and Custom Name Pet Bowl

Grey Teal Quatrefoil Custom Name Dog Bowl

Acrobat Cats Black and Gray Pet Dish


  1. And don’t forget the placemat.


Dog Placemat

Blue Fern Dog Personalized Placemat

Gravel Paws Placemat


  1. Unleash new style.

Take a walk on the wild side and change up your pup’s leash. They’ll feel like the most stylish pooch on the block.

Peach Pink Modern Triangle Pattern Dog Leash

Pink and Leopard Print Custom Monogram Dog Leash

Red and Black Tartan Dog Leash


  1. And while you’re at it, update their collar …


Faux Bling Animal Pet Collar

Colorful Spiro Disco Ball Flowers Dog Collar

Chocolate Ball Macro Dog Collar



  1. Put a tag on it.

Take a close look at your dog or cat’s current tag. If the text is fading, it’s time to order a new tag to make sure if your furry baby gets lost, they’ll find their way back to you. Don’t forget to include any serious medical conditions.


Call My Mom Pet Tag

Custom Medical Alert ID Tag


  1. Treat them…

to a new jar filled with their favorite treats, of course.

Blue Dog Treats Jar

Cartoon Cats Treat Jar


  1. New doggie duds.

Does your pooch have something to say? Say it with a new doggie T-shirt and make them part of every milestone in your life.

Proposal Dog T-Shirt

I’m Going to Be a Big Brother Pet T-Shirt


  1. Be twinsies.

What? That’s totally normal.

I’m With Stupid Pet T-Shirt

I’m With Stupid Human T-Shirt

Will Lift for Bacon Dog T-Shirt

Will Lift for Bacon Human T-Shirt

I Love My Human Dog Shirt

I Paw My Boxer T-Shirt


  1. Have a ball.

Whether it’s covered in drool or dirt, you’ll always know whose ball it is.

Personalized Baseball

Custom Name Pink Dachshunds Hearts Paws Baseball

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