Introducing: fuZe Technology

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Today, we have another special post from our Product Marketing Manager, Monica. She’s here to introduce you to our exciting new technology at Zazzle!


Introducing fuZe Technology!

Until now, standard heat transfer processes have really limited the materials and product types we’ve been able to customize. Zazzle and Group Stahls, one of our Makers, have pioneered a simple way to upgrade our manufacturing process that bypasses previous limitations! Materials that were previously too hard to work with (nylon, elastic, etc.) are a problem of the past! fuZe creates full-color digital designs that are crisp, clear and consistent on virtually any fabric. This new process allows us to customize almost ANYTHING and users are no longer limited by ink color or fabric type! To learn more about the process, click here.


We do have a couple of tips & tricks for designing with the fuZe technology that will help create the best product possible:


  • Create designs with blank backgrounds! Our fuZe technology is able to take away your background and best match it to the bag you are getting.print_relay.aspx
  • Larger designs work better than very fine details! Since this is a next-generation iron-on, fine details might get blurred during the transfer. If your design has many small, blank areas, just know that they may be color matched to the bag, and not cut out.vibrant
  • Make sure you don’t have hidden design areas! We flatten the final image given to us, so if you can’t see it in the preview, it won’t be printed on the bag.unique
  • Double-check your final design on our design view. Oftentimes seeing it in context helps you catch any small mistakes.durable

Stay tuned as we continue to add products using this new technology.


Happy Designing!
Your friends at Zazzle


P.S. Please let us know if you have any questions/comments on the forums while designing. Your feedback helps us improve both our process and the quality of our products! To learn more, check out this video:




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    1. Hi Dean,

      Design elements like drop shadows or bevels should work fine with this printing technology. Design elements that are seen as transparent will be removed, so we would just recommend making sure those elements are clear and distinctly part of the design, and that they do not match the background color of the product itself. Hope that helps!


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