10 Stylish Summer Camp Essentials for Kids

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Whether you’re sending your kids off to day camp or sleepaway camp, they’re bound to make memories that’ll last a lifetime. And let’s be honest: Even though you’ll miss them, you’re kind of looking forward to enjoying a little “me time.” But before you send your kids packing, make sure you’ve packed them these summer camp essentials.

  1. Luggage tag

If they’ll be gone for weeks at a time, chances are they’re taking a larger bag or suitcase with them. Make sure they bring home the right one with a quirky luggage tag.

3Summer Camp Luggage Tag

2Roasting Marshmallows Bag Tag




  1. Tote

Whether they’re leaving for the summer or just attending a day camp, they’ll need a tote bag to store towels, a water bottle, sunscreen, bug spray and extra clothes. They’re fellow campers will be totes jealous.


Camp Survival Kit Tote Bag

4Personalized My Stuff Carry All Bag


  1. Cosmetic bag

Help your daughter keep her cosmetics and toiletries organized. She’ll be the most stylish camper in the cabin.

7I Love Summer Camp Cosmetic Bag

6Summer Green Floral Cosmetic Bag



  1. Journal

They’ll want to remember every detail and inside joke, and even though smartphones are a great way to do that, there’s no substitute for writing down exactly how those moments made you feel.

10Summer Camp Spiral Notebook

9Peace Love Camp Journal

8White Campfire and Tent Symbol Journal




  1. Travel Water Bottle

Packing them a travel water bottle is a good way to remind them to stay hydrated during outdoor summer activities like canoeing, playing sports or hiking. And their camp counselors will appreciate the environmentally friendly touch too.

13Summer Camp 18 Oz. Water Bottle

12Summer Fun Begins at Camp SIGG traveler 1-Liter Water Bottle

11Pretty Circles and Monogram 24 Oz. Water Bottle


  1. Postcard and Stamps

Help them keep in touch by packing them a few pre-stamped postcards.

18Summer Camp Postcard

17What Happens at Summer Camp Postcard

15Cool Boy Customizable Camp Postcard

16I Love Camp Stamps

19Too Cool Summer Camp Stamp



  1. T-Shirts & Hoodies

They’ll need plenty of casual T-shirts for everyday activities and one or two hoodies for those cooler nights spent telling ghost stories and roasting marshmallows around the campfire.


Stay Wild Camp Thirty-Three Shirt

21Happy Camper T-Shirt

22Camp Good Times Ringer T T-Shirt

23Olaf, Wild for Summer T-Shirt


  1. Summer Hat

They’ll be spending a ton of time outside. Protect their sensitive skin with a hat. Girls will be extra appreciative for this bad-hair-day savior.

24Keep Calm and Camp On

25Cool I Love Camp Hat

26iPaddle Trucker Hat


  1. Tank Tops

Send her off in style with cute, but casual tank tops. Trust us—you can never have too many.

29Think Green Customized T-Shirt

28Cute Kawaii Strawberry I Love Summer Tank Top

27If I’m Camping I’m Happy Tank


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