Love is Equal!

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Gay Pride Month’s origin traces back to the 1960s, and since then, LGBT individuals gather during June to commemorate history and celebrate culture, freedom, and equality. In honor of today’s happenings, and Pride Month, today’s post is a repost of a roundup of same sex wedding invites.

The rainbow flag represents LGBT pride and movements, and reflect diversity of the community. These invites adds the rainbow to the special day with the perfect partner:

rainbow rainbow2

Chalkboard is always one of our favorite styles. These are our picks to give the vintage chalkboard feel:

chalkboard1 chalkboard2

These two brides show off their pride:


Every union is a beautiful thing, and we like these elegant invitations:

elegant1 elegant2

Invitations in our wedding collection have designs for Mr. and Mr., and Mrs. and Mrs. Whether it’s two brides or two grooms, we’re sure you’ll find the perfect same sex wedding invitation with us to print your partnership in the best custom way.


Addendum: With today’s historic decision by SCOTUS, we celebrate that all love is equal! Let the weddings begin across all 50 states!!!!

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