Guest Post: How to Import RSS into your WordPress Website

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Happy Monday! We’ve got another great guest post from our friend WebJess, who’s going to teach you how to import RSS your WordPress site!


When it comes to marketing your Zazzle Store, another great marketing tool for your products is to display an RSS feed on your website. With WordPress being one of the most popular website platforms out there, and also one of the more easier ones to use, I am going to walk you through step-by-step on how to import RSS into your WordPress website.


What is RSS?


Real quick, in case you do not know what RSS (Rich Site Summary) is, it uses a web feed to keep track of a user’s favorite websites so there is no need to continue to return to that website to see if it has been updated. Keep in mind, you will need an RSS reader to be able to view any feed. So for this blogs sake, make sure you have one for the web browser you use whether it is Chrome, Explorer, Firefox, etc.


Get the RSS Link



You will first want to make sure you have the RSS link you want to feed into your website. You can set up a specific RSS feed that is store specific or even category specific, and what’s really neat is you can create one for any store, doesn’t have to be just your store. Zazzle has more information on setting up RSS feeds, even parameters you can use, and you can download their guide here:


Import RSS Feed Into Your WordPress Website


Login to your WordPress website and from the Dashboard, navigate to the Widgets under the Appearance. Although there are different widgets across different WordPress themes, one of the widgets embedded into any WordPress website is the RSS widget. Take that RSS widget and place/drag it into where you would like the RSS feed to be displayed. Usually these RSS feeds are best placed in a sidebar or footer area.


In the RSS widget, fill in the RSS link with any parameters you want to include, title the feed if you would like, select how many items you would like to show, check any of the Display boxes for what else to include, and Save.


Make Sure RSS Works


Be sure to test your RSS out. Depending on what RSS feed reader, web browser, and which parameters you use, it can show up a little different from mine. Here is what my RSS feed looks like from the reader built in to the Internet Explorer browser:Finished-RSS-Feed


Quick, easy, and painless right? If you are interested in another way to market Zazzle products on your WordPress website using the WooCommerce plugin, check out my blog post “How to Sell Zazzle Products on Your Own Site” (





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