Treat the Chef: It’s Culinarian’s Day!

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If there’s one thing that’s truly universal, it might be this: everyone loves food. Food brings us together – for a family meal, a fancy dinner party, or a good old fashioned barbecue. Food lets us show our love – with breakfast in bed, a favorite dessert, or a homemade treat. Food even saves us from ourselves. No one is on their best behavior when they’re hangry!

Today, on Culinarian’s Day, it’s time to treat the people in our lives who treat us to the tastiest dishes. Let’s celebrate the chefs, cooks, foodies, bakers, grillers – and everyone in between – who share the love by sharing the grub.

Maybe your favorite foodie is one who ends up with more of the ingredients on their clothes than in their recipes. Keep their outfit safe from kitchen mishaps with an apron that shows off their cooking style. Aprons are also perfect for those cooks who work with two main ingredients only: meat and fire!

Who can say no to that friend who always shows up with cakes, cookies, or cupcakes? Every sweet tooth enabler knows that sharing the sugar means having to keep a close eye on your baking implements. Make sure they never lose their precious pan with a customizable cake pan that lets them put their stamp on their sweets.

We all love eating, many of us love cooking and baking…but not many of us jump at the chance to chop veggies for a half hour. Put the pretty in their prep time with a cutting board that makes knife-wielding a real delight.


Guests need something to do while their culinary host is chopping away, or laboring over a hot stove. Keep the hungry masses at bay with a little snack that they can handle themselves! Setting out a cheeseboard with a unique design, fun cheese knives, and some hand-held nosh items (and maybe a bottle of vino) will make sure everyone is happy.

 The fun doesn’t end as soon as the cooking is over – eating is the best part! Chefs who take pride in their product want their creations to taste good and look good. An elegant serving platter helps them set the table and set the scene for their latest culinary delight.

What would be the perfect addition to your favorite foodie’s kitchen?



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