An Ode to Best Buds

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Peanut butter and jelly, salt and pepper, chocolate and bacon, Zazzle and its brand partners … some things are just better together. With National Friendship Day just a couple of days away, we’re paying homage to a few of our favorite besties—and that includes you, dear customer. After all, you’re the Monica to our Rachel, the Mork to our Mindy, the Rhoda to our Mary Tyler Moore … the … well, you get the picture.


Bert and Ernie

This lovable duo have been pals for more than 45 years, sharing an address on Sesame Street.

Bert and Ernie Pixel Art Mouse

Bert and Ernie Classic Insulated SIGG Water Bottle

Bert and Ernie Directions Shirt


Mickey and Minnie

Lovers, friends, mice. From the old-school days to the clubhouse, this pair is in it for the long haul.

Vintage Mickey and Minnie T-Shirts

Mickey and Minnie Silhouette Tote Bag


Hiro and Baymax

Saving the world is better when you do it with friends.

Hiro and Baymax Lunchbox

Big Hero 6 Superheroes Travel Accessories Bag


Shrek and Donkey

Ogres and donkeys may seem like an unlikely pair, but their friendship will make you a believer in odd couples.

Donkey and Shrek iPhone Covers

What the Shrek Drawstring Backpack


Dora and Boots

What would Dora do on her adventures without her energetic sidekick Boots?

Dora the Explorer Sky Full of Colors T

Dora Courier Bag

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