Tips for Designing All-Over Print Apparel

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There are some brand new wearables ready for your designs on Zazzle – and the only limit is your imagination!


That’s right – we’re so excited to be introducing something our designers have been clamoring for: all-over print tank tops and panel tees from Jakprints! This is a product that both customers and designers have been requesting for a while now, and we’ve been working on ways to bring it to life. We took our time to make sure we were launching a high quality product, and now we couldn’t be more proud to launch these fun, fearless and bold shirts!


Jakprints boasts a unique printing process that allows for designers to be the ones in control. They use a proprietary dye sublimation printing technique that allows for full color, all-over apparel prints. Your artwork will be printed onto a sheet of high-release paper and transferred onto your apparel using heat and pressure. Heat converts the solid dye particles into a gas — known as sublimation — and bonds them to the polyester fibers. Unlike conventional screen-printing, the dye is absorbed by the fabric for a fantastic super soft feel that is perfect for everyday wear!

Here are a couple design tips to help you get started:

  • Design on an XL shirt. Since the sizes are different, we scale them accordingly. If you design on an XL shirt, your design will be scaled down to fit the XS. If you design on an XS shirt, your design will be scaled up, but might leave some white space if there is not enough bleed. To err on the safe side, and make sure your design looks good on every size, start with the XL.
  • Take advantage of the space! If you want to design, make it worth the print! Be creative. Use every corner of space to be creative!
  • Think of the consumer who will be wearing the tanks! These tanks are actually unisex, so try out designing some fun and bold prints for a fun, bold customer. What are some things that would appeal to them? A couple ideas for things that are trending: floral, hipster, ironic sayings, typography, color-block, color cut-outs, unique stripes, black and white, food (think bacon, pizza etc.!), textures, patterns. These shirts are your design oyster! Think beyond the witty saying.
  • Don’t forget the wedding crowd! Bridesmaids and groomsmen often travel to Mexico, Miami, and Vegas to lounge by the pool, and honeymooners might love matching honeymoon shirts! They’ve been working hard to look their best for the big day; let’s use the tank tops to get a sneak peak of the gun show!
  • For the tank tops, don’t forget the back! If you leave it blank, the shirt will be white. It’s just a bit extra for double-sided printing, so make the choice that works best for your designs and your customer base.
  • And of course, don’t forget events and holidays! Halloween is coming up, and these tops have tons of room for silly last-minute costume ideas. Think of funny Christmas tanks and tees, or even ways to show your picks for the upcoming elections. With a much larger canvas, we can’t even begin to think of all the designs.

We’re so excited to offer such versatile new products and we’re working on adding even more fun products in the near future! Keep up to date with everything new in our Forums.

Are there any other tips and tricks for our new all-over print apparel we should add to the list? What’s your next big design?

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22 thoughts on “Tips for Designing All-Over Print Apparel”

    1. Here is some info from our product page:

      “To ensure the highest quality print, please note this product’s customizable design area measures 25.9″ x 31.6″ on XXL and will scale to fit smaller sizes. For best results please add 2″ bleed.”

      Hope that helps!

  1. Designing for Halloween and other holidays is a great idea, Monica. I’ve looked into Jakprints in the past and am glad they are teaming up with Zazzle. Congrats!

  2. Finally I have been waiting for years for this great event, as a designer the larger the design area the happier i am especially on t shirts. Here in the East village in New york, we are all about color and design on everyday wear and now I can offer an item that New Yorkers will adore. Thanks for the hard work it is going to pay off! Ara I cant wait to get going.AND YOUR RECENT TODDLER WEAR IS OFF THE CHARTS!!!

  3. I sure wish you also printed the sleeves, for women, as an all over shirt, it really makes a difference. I’ve worked in textile printing my entire career, I know it can be done, with minimal extra cost. And each piece can be digitally printed the same, no need for repeats.

    1. Thanks for chiming in! These are the first options for all-over print, and we’re looking to improve on our offerings in this area in the future. Stay tuned!

      1. On-the-sleeves prints would also be great for men – especially for a more sporty look. I’m a designer and that’s the #1 feature I’m waiting for before I get into this. Hope to see this coming very soon!

  4. Is there an Illustrator or Photoshop template we can use for designers? Can we use the template on JakPrints?

        1. We’re not seeing any issues with our links – could you provide a little more info as to what you mean by “unavailable”?


  5. These are just simply awesome! Typically you just see something like this in the store but the fact that you can create something like this custom now is great. Can’t wait to design something soon!

  6. All-over is the all. 🙂 Where can I find a designer who can do a custom all-over print for a hoodie?

    1. We’re working on adding even more all-over print apparel options in the future. Stay tuned!

  7. I want an all over print shirt for women including the sleeves how can I find on your site I only see the mens and I only see the black sleeves as an option

    1. Hi Angela,

      That’s correct – we currently offer 2 styles of all-over print tank tops, and one all-over print panel t-shirt. We hope to be adding even more options soon!


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