Study in Style: Dorm Room Essentials 101

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Few experiences are as exciting and nerve-wracking as that first day in the dorm room—will you and your roommate get along? Will they share your taste in music and TV shows? Will you be able to make that 8 a.m. class you regret having scheduled? Will you be able to concentrate on studying in such a small, shared space? For the next two semesters, your dorm room will be the place you call home. And transforming it into a cozy, well-organized dwelling/study space is easier than you think. It all comes down to having the right dorm room essentials.

Don’t think of your dorm room and its empty walls as a boring, bare-bones space that makes you feel like the newest inmate to join the cast of Orange is the New Black. Instead, think of it as a blank canvas that’s just begging for a creative college student like you to unleash its full potential. Choose a theme that expresses your personality, hobbies or long-term goals. It could be travel, music, inspiring quotes or something that reflects your major of choice, whether it’s science, fashion or fine art. Bonus: For a limited time, they’re 50% off.

Left and Right Side of the Brain Poster

World Map Watercolor Poster

Vintage Fashion Beauty Poster

Black and White Chalkboard Roommates Poster


A few strategically placed pillows will help add instant style and comfort to your bed or study chair. Vary the patterns, shape and color for a look that truly feels like home.

Dorm Sweet Dorm

Good Vibes Only Pillow

Do Something Awesome Typography Pillow

Navy and Lime Chevron Pattern Monogram Letter “J” Body Pillow


Dorm rooms are notoriously cold—plus, you’ll be doing a lot of sleeping in—so pack a few fleece blankets to bring a little warmth to the room. This 30% off sale will make you feel extra warm and fuzzy.

Colorful Boho Paisley Custom Monogram Fleece Blanket

Chevron Pattern With Monogram Fleece Blanket

Texas Home State Love With Custom Heart Fleece Blanket

Staying organized is essential to making the grade and adjusting to life on your own. Your schedule and to-do list will be wildly different from what you’re used to, so stay on track by displaying your tasks front and center.

Deep Thoughts Speech Bubble Dry Erase board

Coral Pink Ombre Stripes Dry Erase board with Mirror

Personalized Faux Chalkboard Dry Erase Whiteboard


Of course, no study session is complete without a few study breaks … right?

Comic Book Ping Pong Paddle

Green, Gray and Teal Dartboard


Consider your Dorm Room Essentials orientation complete. Our Study in Style sale is happening now—but there are only couple of days left. Get your Dorm Décor on now.


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